Chapter a Week 7 – Standby

Chapter a week is a story that’s updated once a week, but the writer continuing the story alternates every time. This serves as mainly a biweekly creative outlet for us where we try to improve our writing, but it also allows us to have fun with each other since we don’t have a story planned. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: All characters and events occurring are purely fictional. Any resemblances to real life are coincidental and not intentional.

15 years ago

“What defines a ‘human?’ This was the beginning theme of a recent article written by Donald Mateo Kennedy, which caught the attention of many people in the past week. Mr. DMK, could you please speak more about this?”

“Not mister, it’s philosopher. PHIL-O-SO-PHER. You got it, news lady?”

“I- I’m sorry, philosopher DMK, would you please speak about your recent article?”

“Yeah. Of course I’m going to. What do you think I’m here for? Anyway… so I’m sure you know already, but some months ago scientists did some data collection on people with Instincts.”

“Instincts, that’s referring to the special abilities?”

“Yeah. What the hell are you asking me for, if you already know the answer?”

“Wh– …. I’m sorry. Please, continue.”

“Right, so a while back they discovered that the muscular build of some of the people, especially with Instincts that actually affect physical capabilities, are inherently different to normal humans. We thought this was the human body gradually adapting to the special circumstances of these humans, as normal muscles would not be able to withstand the power exerted from the Instincts. If they had normal bodies, they’d be hostipitalized, haha!”

“Do you mean hospitalized?”

“Shut the fuck up, lady. I’m a philosopher, not a dictionary.”


“Now, some new research was conducted on people with Instincts that affect their mental capabilities. Like that kid, what was his name again… he like disappears on camera, and shit.”

“Do you mean Jonathan Seena? The boy who got viral by disappearing and reappearing on camera?”

“Yeah, yeah. That kid. Bunch of others like him got tested, and– well, we can’t say anything for sure right now since the test pool hasn’t been too huge, but– the structure of the brain itself was massively different to humans.”

“Oh, that’s quite fascinating!”

“Fascinating? Bitch, it’s fucking crazy! Muscles adapting to superhuman strength, sure. But brains don’t fucking change shape and shit. These fuckers, they’re not human man!”

“Change shape? So the brains were so distinct, that even the shapes were different to the brains of normal humans?”

“What? I told you, I’m not a fucking scientist. I’m a philosopher, you stupid bitch!”



– what the hell? I thought that disappearing camera kid was fake

– me too, wow. the world is becoming a god damn movie

– this dmk retard is just making shit up, that camera thing was fake

– it was fake dumbass

– No it wasn’t, you can see in the footage the editing is too seamless

– no it’s fake you dumbass

– instincts? that’s a pretty retarded name


A few weeks ago

A female college student, wearing a cheap-looking dark blue suit, entered the Yuzuriha Detective Agency. After admiring the glamorous interior of the building for a short while, she approached the receptionist desk, where a slightly short, blue-haired woman sat on.

“Excuse me, where is Nodaka Asumi’s office?”

The receptionist looked up from her phone which she had been playing games on, and took a quick glance at the student before nodding and responding back.

“Ah, you’re Risa, right?”

Risa stood in shock for a while before she could respond. After all, even if it was a high class agency, the job offer that she had received was both an internship and relatively low-paying(at least for a detective). The only thing that stood out about the job was that it was a stand-in assistant job for the renowned detective Nodaka Asumi. But that being said, although Nodaka would stand out very much in an average setting, she was but another executive within the Yuzuriha Agency.

“Wow, you know who I am?” 

“Of course I do. I know everything, after all.” 

Risa laughed. “Really? Then how tall am I?”

“164.3 cm, at least during your last check up. You also weighed 55.7 kilograms back then, though I doubt that’s accurate now.” The receptionist gave an immediate response.

“What the hell?” The height had indeed been completely accurate, and so was the weight, though Risa weighed 58 kilograms on this day. But rather than feeling as though this person ‘knew everything,’ Risa felt more as though she was meeting her secret stalker. “Okay then, how many victims were there in the Washington GA case?”

“84, but that’s including the 35 people your new boss killed.”

“How tall is Mount Everest?”

“8,438 meters.”

“What’s the density of phosphorus?”

“1.82 grams per cubic centimeters.” 

“Woah….” Risa was amazed. Needless to say, she had no clue as to what the density of phosphorus was, but given the receptionist’s immediate response and confidence, she felt inclined to believe her. The receptionist grinned with pride, and held her hand out.

“I’m Tsukiha Natsuki. Receptionist and researcher of this place. You can just call me Natsuki. Nice to meet you.” Risa took her hand.

“Lorenz Risa. Though I guess you already know that.” As the two shook hands, Natsuki commented,

“German surname, right? Sprechen Sie deutsch?”

“Sorry, I don’t speak German.”

“I know, I’m just showing off. Nodaka’s office is on the second floor, the furthest away on the right side of the building. The elevator is right behind the pillar here.” She paused for a second for Risa to remember, before she continued. “Your hours start at 7:30, right? You’re a little early… not that it matters though— Nodaka often comes around 9-12. She did that when Kanou was around, so I doubt it’d be different now.”

“Kanou? Who’s that?… Wait, 9-12? There’s a 3 hour gap in her usual commute times?”

“Oh, Kanou is Nodaka’s precious assistant. Or at least was. It’s not like the door to her office is locked or anything, you should just be able to go in while you wait for her.”

With an expression of sheer dumbfoundedness, Risa thanked Natsuki and left.

It goes without saying, but Natsuki’s catchphrase stating that she ‘knew everything’ was completely false. If Risa had asked Natsuki about the date that some small TV show had aired, she would most likely have been unable to answer. But for someone like Risa, it just might be correct to state that Natsuki did indeed know everything.

Natsuki was born with an inherent Instinct, and thus had the ability of perfect memory from birth. Once she read something in a newspaper, she would never forget it. Not the day after, not a week later, not a year later, and not until her last breath. 

By the time she was 14, she was capable of speaking and writing all 141 official languages, and knew more about each subject than the majority of people with PhDs. Of course, she did not have a full understanding of all the knowledge she possessed. But the fact of the matter was that she was, and still is, essentially a living database.


Present Day, elevator of Yuzuriha Detective Agency


Just recently closing a case, Kazu and Matsuda, both employees of Yuzuriha Detective Agency Executive member Kenichi Akiro, were returning to the agency building. As they entered the elevator, they happened to enter at the same time as Natsuki.

“Hey, you all back from a case?”

“Yeah, we solved it! Though, it’d be more accurate to say that Kenichi-san solved it….” Matsuda put his hand behind his head, slightly embarrassed.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m sure you’re making contributions that you’re not even aware of. What floor?”

“The sixth. We’re about to grab lunch.”

“Oh, great! I’m getting lunch too!”

“Really? You wanna join us?”

“Matsuda… you’re even hitting on our receptionist?”

“I’d love to, but unfortunately I’ve got plans with someone else.” As Natsuki went to push the button for the sixth floor, Matsuda noticed that the button for the 15th floor was pushed.

The building of the Yuzuriha Agency had a total of 15 floors. Matsuda knew that floor 1 was the lobby, floors 2-5 and 7-14 were for each of the 11 executives and their respective employees and assistants, and the 6th floor was the dining hall. But he had absolutely no clue on what the 15th floor was for. Like Risa, Matsuda was a relatively new employee, so he assumed that it wasn’t particularly strange for him to not know. After all, none of the elevator buttons had labels on what each floor contained.

Nevertheless, seeing the button for the 15th floor piqued his interest, and even more so when he saw that Natsuki wasn’t leaving the elevator on the 6th floor, despite saying she would go to lunch.


“Dude, what’s on the 15th floor?” Naturally, the topic of conversation was decided on for Matsuda during lunch.

“The 15th floor? I don’t know, probably the roof or something?” Seeing that Kazu, who had worked in the Agency for much longer than he had, didn’t seem to know much about the 15th floor either, Matsuda began to ponder more. And as his interest increased, his focus shifted from the 15th floor to Natsuki.

“Why is Natsuki-san even here?”

“Huh? What are you talking about, she’s the receptionist.”

“Yeah, I know that. But do we even need one? I mean, people normally call the executives directly, right? Even the case we worked on just now, Kenichi-san got the request directly. I know she’s also the researcher, but isn’t most of the research done by detectives anyway?”

“Hm… I guess you’re right.”

“And yet the entire first floor is a lobby that pretty much only Natsuki-san is in….”

While he continued to ponder, the two detectives noticed a certain person whose tall figure juxtaposed her child-like expression resembling a lost child. It was Suzaki Yua, one of the executives of the Agency.

“What’s she doing?”

“It looks like she’s looking for someone to eat with. Her only friend Kushieda-san got called on an emergency case, after all.”

“Hm…” Matsuda raised his hand, and after catching Yua’s attention, pointed to an empty chair on the table he and Kazu sat on.

“Seriously, you’re even hitting on her?”

“No! She just obviously has no one to sit with. What’s wrong with me being a normal, sociable person?”

“So… you have no intention of trying anything with her?”

“That is a different matter.”

Yua slowly walked towards the two of them before she finally spoke.

“What is it?”

“Suzaki-san, do you want to sit with us?” Yua looked at Matsuda, then around her, then back at him, before realizing she was being invited to lunch.

“…If you insist that much, then I guess I have no choice but to oblige on your offer.” Kazu stared at Yua in utter confusion, while Matsuda grinned with joy, under the delusion that he had seduced her.

“What were the two of you discussing?”

“We were talking about Natsuki-san.”

“Hey, Matsuda!”

“What, it’s not like we’re badmouthing her or anything. I’m just curious!”

“Oh. What is it about her?”

“Well… we saw her go to the 15th floor, and I don’t think I even know what’s there.”

“The 15th floor is Miyuki’s office. Of course you don’t know it, I’ve never even gone in there in the 7 years I’ve worked here. Most people haven’t.”

“Her office?” Yua only led him to more questions than answers. “What is Natsuki-san doing, going there?”

Yua looked at Matsuda blankly and tilted her head, as if she had no clue as to what he was confused about. “The two of them have lunch every week.”


Meanwhile, 15th floor of the Yuzuriha Detective Agency

Is it because Miyuki felt guilty for recruiting her, a former renowned diagnostician, as a receptionist? Is it because Natsuki had only ever been assigned to two cases in 7 whole years she had worked in the Agency?

Whatever the reason, Natsuki did not particularly care, as the only reason she took the job in the first place was because of the outstanding pay that rivaled that of the executives. Besides, lunch with Miyuki was fun for her. She enjoyed it, and found Miyuki to be an interesting character.

But this particular day was different. Usually Miyuki would be babbling about some recent amusing event, or a funny joke she had heard. But today, she had barely said a word.

“Have you heard about the mass murders in the casino that occurred yesterday?” Miyuki finally broke the silence.

“Yes. I saw a report of it on the news this morning. Would you like me to give you the details on the case?”

“Haha, no, that’s fine. But I’m glad to see that your memory is as good as ever.”

“It’s my Instinct, after all…. Other than that, Kushieda asked me to look up some things on Risu Johoon, who seems to be the most suspicious in this case.”

“Oh? What did you find?”

“That’s the thing. It’s like he doesn’t exist. I can’t find anything about a Risu Johoon in any of the databases that I’ve looked into so far. No birth record, no passport, nothing. I’ve relayed the message onto Kushieda, but I plan on looking deeper into him after this.”

“I see.” Yosana stops for a while, staring at Natsuki. “I’m sorry to say this when you seem pretty enthusiastic about it, but you won’t need to look into this Risu Johoon. I’ll have some of the employees look into it, or ask another agency.”

“What? Why?”

“Natsuki-kun, do you know how many casualties there have been in the incident last night?”

“No, actually I don’t. They never specified in the news, though I suspect it is at least in the 40s.”

“There have been 153 casualties discovered so far.”

Upon hearing this, Natsuki instantly understood what Miyuki was leading up to. 7 years ago, in the aftermath of the Washington GA case, Yosana Miyuki reinstated the famous Yuzuriha Agency that she had previously refused to inherit after the death of her father, Yuzuriha Akatsuki. Yosana recruited 5 members of the investigation force in the Washington GA case, 4 of which are currently executives of the Agency, including Nodaka Asumi. The other 1 person was Tsukiha Natsuki. Not only was she not a part of the police force or a detective agency, but she was temporarily a part of the forensics team, and possessed no more deductive abilities than the average person. And despite this, there was one thing that made her stand out as one of the most useful figures in the enormous Washington GA case.

“I need you to thoroughly analyze the crime scene, and memorize every single detail about each of the 153 casualties.”


Meanwhile, 6th floor of the Yuzuriha Detective Agency

Hours had passed since I’d seen Nodaka-san holding the bloody knife on top of the corpses in the casino, and yet the memory is still burned into my mind. After Kushieda-san kidnapped Yamamoto Keiichi like an insane person, we’ve been waiting next to his hospital bed on the 7th floor of the agency, for what I am assuming will be an interrogation.

While we’ve been waiting, Kushieda-san has been on the phone a few times with Yosana-san, saying something like “what do you mean, in case there is a better candidate? There’s no god damn evidence and person!”

She has also reconfirmed a few facts with me. Some new facts have also been discovered within the case. The stab wounds were apparently not the actual lethal factor that killed the victims, but instead due to a toxin that was on the knife, which was discovered on the knife Nodaka-san was holding and matched to the corpses.

But despite the new revelations within the case, the two of us have seemingly come to a halt. We can’t make heads or tails of this case. The only real suspect that we’ve been able to find in this case, Risu Johoon, is apparently not in any database, so we don’t know anything about him. The state of the corpses, and the method of killing doesn’t match up with what Nodaka-san would do. Not to mention Isshiki Nao, Nodaka-san’s girlfriend. She was killed about 24 hours from now, and her body was moved to the casino port-mortem. 

Kushieda-san and I looked over the CCTV footage, but it all suddenly stopped about three hours before Nodaka-san called me, so it was quite a bit before the massacre began. The CCTVs themselves seem to have been manually destroyed by one person, as the time that the CCTVs were destroyed differ, and there are ‘stab wounds’ on the cameras matching relatively well with Nodaka-san’s knife.  But no one appearing to destroy the CCTVs showed up on the footage before they broke.

“Kushieda-san… even if there are clues that we are missing right now, I feel like this case….the perpetrator has an Instinct.”

She clicks her tongue. “Damn it. Are you kidding me?”

“Huh? What is it?” Did she think of something?

“I can’t believe I came to the same conclusion as Nodaka’s retarded assistant…”

This bitch…

“But… you’re right.” She sighs. Normally the call that a murder case was perpetrated by someone with Instincts is a call made very late. This is for three reasons, the first being that so far, a mere 25,000 people in the entire world have been discovered to possess an Instinct in the past 55 years, since they were first discovered. The predicted number of people to actually have Instincts is around 0.001% of the population, roughly 80,000 people. The second reason being that any clever case looks like it’s been committed by someone with an instinct. Take any closed-room murder. If we assume too early that someone used an Instinct to commit the murder, then we might miss out on the possibility that it is not a true closed-room murder, and some sort of trick was used in order to make one look like one. The final reason is that even if we assume the perpetrator has Instincts, there are extremely limited resources to be able to arrest someone like that. There is no complete database detailing each person’s Instincts, meaning that there are people who we don’t know have Instincts, and Instincts we don’t know about.

However, given the complexity of this case, the mass scale of the casualties that is almost double the infamous Washington GA case, it seems more and more probable by the second that the perpetrator has some kind of Instinct, and more reasonable that we should go forward with this case assuming so.

Kushieda-san looks down with her eyes closed, seemingly deep in thought. She switches between that and looking at her phone. But her expression of ponder quickly changes into frustration, and she mumbles something like “screw it.”

“Bakassistant, do you know what my Instinct is?”

“Do you mean like your instinct instinct, or your ability Instinct?” Honestly, the name ‘Instinct’ is such a stupid one. I know that it was originally made because scientists thought that instincts were closely related to the owner’s psychology and personality, but even that was proven false! Seriously, why the hell do people still call it ‘Instinct’?

Kushieda-san gives me a look of such immense annoyance that it looked like I had killed her parents. Wait, you wouldn’t be annoyed in that scenario. Damn, Nodaka-san’s inhumaneness is rubbing off on me! 

“My ability. Do you know what it is?”

“No, I don’t. Nodaka-san never told me.”

“Yeah, I thought so.” She takes the glove off of her right hand. “My Instinct allows me to see the past 24 hours of a person’s memory by touching them with my right hand. There are just three conditions. The first is that the person must be alive. The second is that I have to know three things that occurred to them in the last 24 hours. The last is that in a 10 meter radius, there can’t be any alive person excluding me and them.” She signalled a ‘shoo, shoo’ motion to me.

I stare at her in awe. Out of the 25,000 people with Instincts in the world, around 8,000 of those have been revealed to the public in the last 50 years. I remember as a child, slowly glossing over the long list of them on Wikipedia over the course of weeks. Some of them were absolutely mind-boggling, while some of them were pretty lame. But although I do remember a few of them having conditions to activate, it was the first time I had ever met someone with one, not to mention with such an extreme ability like Kushieda-san’s.

“Are there… any side effects?” I question her while I move away from the room. A 10 meter radius…. I had heard that there were 20 extra, unnecessary meters in the Yuzuriha Agency’s building, in between the 6th, 7th, and 8th floors. I assumed maybe that was because of some ventilation of something on the dining floor, but was it solely for Kushieda-san?

“Not really, but I can’t use it again for 30 days, and I can only use it once on a person.” After my 15th or so step back, Kushieda-san’s right hand seemed to glow, ever so slightly. “Oh, and since I’ll be experiencing his memories, I’ll be unconscious for the next 24 hours.”

She places her hand on top of the forehead of Keiichi-san’s unconscious body, and proceeds to immediately collapse to the ground.

Chapter a Week: Chapter 5 – Idol

Chapter a week is a story that’s updated once a week, but the writer continuing the story alternates every time. This serves as mainly a biweekly creative outlet for us where we try to improve our writing, but it also allows us to have fun with each other since we don’t have a story planned. Enjoy!

“Nodaka?! Wh-why are you–”

In front of me was the lazy, laid-back boss that I’d last seen rolling around her couch playing on her Switch, covered in blood. Her usual, relaxed expression was nowhere to be seen. Instead, she looked dead serious, with a tint of desperation. Forget her usual self, I’d never seen her look like this even while she solved the previous case. 

“Calm down. We need to–” 

“Police! Put your hands in the air!” As I turned to the voice behind me, I saw four police officers and one other man, all pointing guns in Nodaka and my direction. Four of them are wearing normal police clothing, while the person in the middle is wearing a full black suit. I put my hands up, and Nodaka throws her knife to the side and also raises her hands. When the hell did these guys get here? I never saw them when I came in…

Two officers rush around Nodaka, and immediately handcuff her. “Nodaka Asumi, you’re under arrest for suspicion of mass murder.” 


“So you came here after being called by Nodaka Asumi?”


“Alright.” The inspector closes his notepad and shoves it in his pocket. “That’s all I need. If you remember or notice anything, please tell me.” He hands me a small piece of paper. A business card? First he wears a full black suit, and now this? “Though that said, I think we have a pretty simple case here.”

“I’m telling you, Nodaka-san didn’t do this.”

“You saw yourself. She was holding a bloody knife, covered in blood, while staring down at a corpse. The knife she had matches the wounds of every single corpse we’ve observed so far. What else do you want?”

I open my mouth to retort, but I close it soon. He’s right. But… there’s no way Nodaka-san could have done this. 

“A brilliant detective like her, who looks deep into what criminals are thinking… It’s not that uncommon for great detectives to become criminals themselves.”

“Even if that’s true, something like this is way too careless for her. If she were really to commit a crime then it would be more smart, something that she wouldn’t be caught for so easily.”

“Haha, a brilliant detective doesn’t always equal a brilliant criminal.” He laughs. “Even if you’ve only been her assistant for a short while, I’m sure you’re familiar with her inhumaneness, right? She treats deaths like they’re nothing, and views murders as nothing but puzzles to solve.”

He’s right about how she can be so carefree about these kinds of things, but I can’t help but disagree. The happiness I saw in Nodaka when she finally solved the previous case wasn’t just of a kid who had beat his game. It was more than that, like she was happy that she was able to do some good in the world, putting a serial killer to jail. 

“Not to mention, with this extreme amount of casualties, Anyway, I’m going to take Nodaka to headquarters for questioning. Do you want to come along?”

“Huh? Aren’t you the head of this case right now? You’re leaving the crime scene?”

“Yeah. Are you coming along or not?”

“N-no, I think I’ll stay here.”

“Alright.” He walks away, bringing a couple of his men with him. 

It’s been about an hour since the police and I originally arrived at the scene, and a lot more personnel have arrived here since then, to analyze the entire crime scene, and block the casino off from the entire public.

Apart from my personal beliefs on her, I have proper basis to believe that Nodaka-san is innocent. Every single corpse found so far has been stabbed to death. All very clean and precise. Maybe to someone who has only heard rumors of her fighting capabilities, this crime scene sounds like something Nodaka-san would do.

But from what I saw a few days ago, it doesn’t match up. When Honda came running at Nodaka-san with a knife, she easily dodged it and kicked him into the wall with immense force. Hell, it even left a large mark on the wall, and with one kick, Honda was hospitalized.

Not to mention that Nodaka-san doesn’t carry around weapons. Since the rise of crime rates in Japan, certain organizations like the Yuzuriha Detective Agency were given special permission by the government to carry firearms. Any high standing member of the Agency carries around guns, except Nodaka-san.

It sounds strange to say, but the corpses are simply too clean. I imagine that if Nodaka-san tried to fight someone with the intent to kill them, then a lot of these bodies would be more disfigured with broken bones. All signs of physical bruising in the corpses are simply too small and insignificant. But something like that isn’t good enough to hold as evidence.

Besides, even if Nodaka-san was the culprit, this mass murder is too large of a scale, even for her. The time between her messaging me to come to her and when I found her was just short of an hour. I can’t imagine her asking for me to come while she was killing people. But the only other person found alive in the casino was Risu Johoon, who claims that he heard gunshots and screaming while in the bathroom, and proceeded to call the police.

But even that aside, there’s something that’s strange about this case.

As soon as I found Nodaka-san, the police showed up. Yet somehow I couldn’t see them? That doesn’t make sense. They even said that they saw me enter the building, and didn’t seem to even be suspicious of me in the crime scene because of that. But despite how lenient they’re being on me, they arrested Nodaka-san on the spot. –

Even Risu, who claims he didn’t see any of the crime, stayed in the bathroom the entire time, and was the one who called the police, seems to strangely be under low suspicion by the police. He wasn’t handcuffed like Nodaka-san, and the questioning conducted by the Inspector was short.

Speaking of that Inspector…. He’s strange, to say the least. Wearing a black suit, carrying around business cards… he doesn’t act or look like any of the inspectors that I met in the last case. Not to mention that the questioning he performed on me and Shirogane was frankly brainless that even I could do better. He didn’t even ask to see the text that Nodaka-san sent me. But more than incompetent, he strikes me as someone who… lacks interest.

The inspector even left the crime scene an hour after it was found, taking only Nodaka-san to the station. It wouldn’t be strange for Nodaka-san to have people who have a grudge against her, considering the type of person she is. But this case doesn’t feel like some personal grudge… something more large-scale…

Wait, this woman….

As I pondered around the lobby, one of the corpses on the ground stood out to me. 

She looks familiar. Where have I seen her?

A napkin covered her cheek, so I removed it, but accidentally touched her face in the process. 

Huh? Her body it’s…

I crouch down and touch her hand to confirm.

It’s cold…. 

On the other bodies, there was still some heat present, suggesting a recent time of death. And yet this body is completely cold, meaning that this person has been dead for at least 16 hours, or maybe even longer. I move her jaw around, and there’s some rigor. Meaning that the rigor has only started to disappear, so it’s likely to have been less than 20 hours since time of death. 

“Oh, shit.”

I turn around to see Kushieda Yuri, looking down at the body.

“Kushieda-san? What are you doing here?”

She frowns. “Miyuki-san sent me. one of her employees is the lead suspect of a case, after all.”


“I feel like I’ve seen this person somewhere. Kushieda-san, do you know who this is?”

“You don’t know? She’s Isshiki Nao. Asumi’s girlfriend. Well, I guess it’s her ex-girlfriend now.”

Oh, shit.

“Do you think it’s possible that Nodaka-san did this?”

“Hah, no way!”

“I thought so too.”

“The corpses that crazy bitch left in the Washington GA case were so disfigured you’d have thought a giant stomped on the bodies.”

Wait, what?

“Oh right, Nao-chan was also married to Kei-kun before.”


“Yamamoto Keiichi. I’m sure you’ve heard of him, right? It’s such a shame… Kei-kun and Nao-chan were really cute together… but I guess that ship has long since sailed.”

“Yamamoto Keiichi?! The famous??”

“Yeah, she was one lucky girl. It’s no surprise that you’ve seen her before.”

Kushieda-san crouches down next to me, and takes a closer but quick look at the body. “Hm…” She puts gloves on, and touches the cheek with the back of her hand.

“It’s been almost a day since she’s been killed. But seeing as she’s just lying on the floor here, she was moved post mortem at least once. But why here…?” She stares at the body for a bit before turning to me. “Bakassisstant, do you have any ideas?”

What the hell did she just call me?

“Not as of yet. But this napkin was on her cheek.”

I pass her the napkin, and she examines it as she speaks.

“But man, it’s just been 10 days since you’ve come to the agency, and you’ve now run into two major cases. You sure you’re not cursed or anything?”

“Haha, maybe.” I try to give a friendly response, but I can’t help but feel a little weirded out. Nodaka-san’s attitude was definitely bizarre, but seeing as how strange she was from the beginning, I wasn’t too shocked at how she lacked empathy for victims in the previous case. But Kushieda-san striked me as someone who was more normal and serious, like Kanou-san. Yet here she was, in front of the corpse of someone she used to know, making small chat with me.

Are all detectives like this?

“But as a renowned detective, I guess you get to meet other famous people too.”

“Huh? Well, yeah, though if it’s Kei-kun you need, you can meet him right now.”

“Huh? N-now?” 

Despite the situation I was in, I couldn’t help but feel slightly excited. After all, Yamamoto Keiichi was one of my heroes as I grew up aiming to be a detective.

“Yeah. His body is on the first floor, near the backdoor exit.”

Chapter a Week 3 – A Generous Tip

Chapter a week is a story that’s updated once a week, but the writer continuing the story alternates every time. This serves as mainly a biweekly creative outlet for us where we try to improve our writing, but it also allows us to have fun with each other since we don’t have a story planned. Enjoy!

It wasn’t long after police sirens flooded the scene. Risa-chan took Bang’s death as well as any normal girl would. I never called the detective agency or Asumi(the latter for much more obvious reasons than the first), but it seems that Asumi was scolded quite a bit by Yosana, since she ended up coming to the scene relatively quickly. Makes sense, since Bang’s death could have been avoided if Asumi just solved the case properly.

When Asumi showed up, she had an expression which I hadn’t seen before. Shame? Embarrassment? Definitely not guilt, but something close to the two. When she saw my face, she brightened up a little.

“Kan-chan!!! I missed you so much~!”

She ran towards me with her arms wide open, but I pushed her back. 

“You goddamn idiot, how much of the case had you actually solved?”

She pouted, before answering. “I don’t know who the actual culprit is, but I know what they’re after.”

“Could you have prevented Bang’s death?”

“Well, it was kind of obvious. The guy has 6’s all over his cafe.” Asumi replies in such a casual tone, I feel like I’m close to smacking her. And suddenly, a looming shadow appears behind Asumi. It’s Risa-chan, and she actually does slap Asumi. Hard. On one hand, I feel sorry for myself for not getting the first hit, but I am generally looking forward to these two’s future.


And now, we are in the present. 10 minutes from when Asumi was slapped, and also 10 minutes since Risa-chan said she wanted to hear about the case. I’d normally have tried to stop her, but she looked both so determined and pissed off that I couldn’t help but oblige.

“As I said, I don’t know who the culprit is. I’ll first explain the details that appeared after Kanou left me.” She fakes some tears before continuing. “A couple of days ago, we were able to identify two out of the four unknown victims.”

“Wait, four unknown victims? So there was a fifth murder?” I guess it wasn’t really surprising since Bang died after the 6’s covered the store, but it’s astonishing to think that after 5 cases, the bastard Ano still covered the case up and didn’t announce it publicly whatsoever.

“Yeah. As you know, the locations of the murders were just too far away for them to be placed as serial killings. Some in the countryside, some in the city. And the police are probably still under that impression, even after uncovering three of the victim’s identities.” Asumi pulls out a small paper crumble, and opens it up, revealing three photos, but no names or descriptions attached.

“Matou Suzuki, 56 years old, found dead in a bathroom in a high class restaurant called ‘Andou Honten’ in Osaka. Unknown cause of death and no bruises, apart from a mark behind his neck with the number 1.”

“Yonagi Kanna, 35 years old, found dead in her boyfriend’s apartment in Tokyo, and also the only one who we were able to identify immediately. Unknown cause of death and no bruises, apart from a mark on her wrist with the number 4.”

“And the previously most recent death award goes to Sallow Nicholas.” Irritated, Risa-chan looks like she’s about to hit Asumi again, and she quivers and rushes behind me in response before continuing. “He was 43 years old, and was found dead on the top of the Fushimi Inari Shrine* in the morning by tourists. Unknown cause of death and no bruises, apart from a mark on his forehead reading the number 5. His temperature was quite low when he was found, but that’s probably because he was on the top of the mountain.”

*Note: Fushimi Inari Shrine is a famous tourist attraction hiking course/mountain in Kyoto. 

“Each of the marks are not too easy to tell, which was another reason why it took a while for even anyone to notice these deaths as connected. The forensics team said that the marks were burned onto each victims’ skin. They also said that the deaths are probably caused by some kind of poison, but they haven’t been able to identify any of them yet.”

Though I had seen it countless times before, Asumi still amazes me with her memory.

“On the surface, the victims seem to have nothing in common, apart from the fact that they had nothing to identify themselves, but Yonagi Kanna is an exception to that. I’m sure the police still can’t find a connection.”

“Wait,” Risa-chan interrupts, visibly confused. “If you couldn’t find out their identities up until a few days ago, why weren’t the deaths released to the public and shown to the news? Couldn’t it have helped to identify them?”

Ah, I guess she wouldn’t know. She did say that she didn’t know who Ano was before when I called her before too.

“It’s because of a certain bastard named Ano.” I answer.

“Ano… The detective that Nodaka told me to deliver her message to?”

“Yeah. This is the kind of case that the public could go crazy with. A serial killer, cult mass suicides, a curse killing citizens of Japan one by one, the press would go crazy with this. If that were to happen, then the police would most likely change the head detective in charge to someone more experienced and take Ano off the case. So as a way of trying to move up the ranks, Ano planned on solving the case all by himself, after noticing a pattern when the third death happened.”

“What a cunt.” She gives a disgusted look in response, which awfully reminds me of when she looked at Asumi.

“It doesn’t matter! He’s been taken off the case!” Asumi shouts. “Can I go back to my amazing deduction now?”

“Yeah, sure. Go ahead…”

“Okay!” She expresses a look of pride. “As Kan-chan said, the police and I suspected this to be a cult suicide at first. I then moved my theory to indiscriminate serial killings, but I changed my theory when the identities were revealed.”

“Identities? Didn’t you just describe them? They have nothing in common, right?” Sallow Nicholas, a man who is clearly a foreigner, is the nail on the coffin which to me, confirms these killings are indiscriminate.

“That’s probably what the police still think. But actually, they do have something in common. 12 years ago, there was a relatively exclusive, Japanese-styled cooking course in Montanna of the United States, in which 6 people participated in it for about 3 months. Yonagi Kanna, Matou Suzuki and Sallow Nicholas all were a part of this course.” Clearly she was leading up to something, but I couldn’t tell what it was. “That course was run by michelin star chef Johnson Bang.”

“Johnson Bang? Wait, is that–”

“Yep, that’s the 6th victim.”

“Holy shit… so these aren’t indiscriminate serial killings?”

“Nope, they’re calculated, individual murders.”

After a moment of silence, I turn to Risa-chan, who remains with a look of stun for a couple of seconds, before saying anything. “Jesus Christ… and so all we have to do is find out who the rest of the participants of the cooking class was, and the one person who didn’t die is the culprit, right?”

“Yep!” Proudly, she responds.

“Wow, maybe you really are a genius like everyone says!” Risa-chan fangirls over her in excitement, seeing Asumi in action for the first time.

Ah.. so innocent. I remember I was like that too before.

“Of course! Actually, not telling you the message to Ano was my part of my plan, too! After all, we couldn’t have been able to know if it was Ano or one of the course attendees who was the culprit! Haha! I’m so–” But before she can finish, she receives a loud smack by Risa-chan.


“Hey, I know these last two days have been difficult, but I guarantee you it’ll get better. You of all people should know how it usually is here. Kanou reassures me, and it works because of how calming his voice is. It’s been a couple of days since I witnessed Johnson Bang’s death, and although it does still haunt me occasionally, I feel relatively okay considering my situation. At least that’s what I thought, but I guess I’m still tense.

Man, Nodaka really messed up, letting him go..

“Does Nodaka ever get better?”

“That’s a different issue..”  We laugh.

“So, I get why the Inspector is coming to the office, but why are the other suspects also coming?”

“Kan-chan always wants to meet the suspects before answering the case… personally, I’d rather just send him a text or something with the culprit and an explanation.” Nodaka slouches, being quite grumpier than usual.

“Why couldn’t you have done that before?!”

“ ‘Cause Ano’s not on the case anymore! No point in shoving it in his face!”

This woman…

“In the first place, how did you guys even get access to this case if Detective Ano was trying to hide it?”

“Well, we’re given special access to all national cases from the Japanese government, but the case itself was brought to our attention by an anonymous tip.”

“An anonymous tip?”

“Yeah. An actual letter was addressed and sent to me. They come around sometimes, and the agency occasionally helps out cases like this to better our image for the bigger companies. That wasn’t as much so in this case, I think the president just wanted me to kick Ano’s ass on the case.”

“Also to keep you out of the mahjong tournament.” Kanou intervenes.

“Which, if I need to remind you, I won!” 

“And was disqualified from!” In response to Kanou’s retort, Nodaka goes back to her depressed state.


“As always, an excellent job, Nodaka!” Inspector Imai applauds Nodaka after listening to her admittedly great deduction. He looks to be quite elderly, possibly in his 60s. He makes up for his lack of height with either muscle or fat, but I can’t tell because of the thick clothes covering him. He wears a seemingly formal outfit in orange and black, a color combination bizarrely reminding me of the Inspector Megure in Detective Conan.

 “And thus, I believe that Kanzawa Haruka is behind these murders. Not only do the facts match, but she is also the only one from the class that hasn’t had a successful career in cooking. Perhaps she held a form of resentment against the others for doing better than her, as well as to her instructor, Johnson Bang, for not leading her to success.”

“Then we’ve also got a motive. You’ve convinced me of your theory, Nodaka. But without any direct evidence, it remains a theory. None of this will hold…”

As the two continue on in their conversation, I whisper to Kanou. 

“So the two beside Inspector Imai are the suspects, right?”

“Yep. The one on the left is Yukiyoshi Sendou. He was my prime suspect until Kanzawa, though Asumi said there was no way he could be guilty.”

“She was that confident, and you still thought she was guilty?”

“Well, more than guilty, he just seemed the most likely, at least compared to the other suspect, Honda Kennichi. The thing about both suspects is that the theory of them being guilty doesn’t stand up. Neither of them have possible motives for killing all 6 people, and there isn’t any evidence that supports their being guilty. Both of them had poor alibis, though. Honda said things like he stayed at home alone, or with his girlfriend or family, which can’t be trusted and won’t hold up in court. On the other hand, Yukiyoshi just didn’t provide any alibis whatsoever.”

“No alibis whatsoever? What? That sounds totally guilty!”

“That’s what I thought. He also happened to have hotel rooms booked near many of the crime locations at the right time.” 

What the hell? How is this guy not locked up yet?

“But motives are the problem. Yukiyoshi has no possible motive that the police or I have been able to come up with whatsoever.”

“Motive, huh…. Didn’t think that would be so important…” 

What if he’s just a crazy psycho who burns numbers onto people?

“What about the other person? Handa, was it?”

Honda Kennichi has some circumstantial evidence against him. But ultimately it comes down to motives again.”

“What kind of evidence?”

“Besides the lack of a solid alibi, he’s a researcher at a scientific lab. So the unknown poisons that killed the victims wouldn’t have been too difficult for him to get his hands on. He also had some bruises on the day he reported the crime, though he claims it was from when he tripped.”

“I see… but from the way it looks, these two aren’t that great of suspects, are they?” 

“Yeah. I think Ano just kept these two because they were his only hope to success.”

I look back at Nodaka and Inspector Imai, to see Nodaka seemingly zoning out of the conversation.

No… she’s not zoning out… is she… staring at Honda?


It just doesn’t add up.

Biting my fingernails, I continue rocking on my chair, trying to think of a reason. But my train of thought(or lack of one) is interrupted by Ken-chan.

“Hey, I’m going to go now. As much as I feel bad for Risa-chan, I did leave.”


“What’s wrong? You aren’t going to beg for me to stay?”

“…It doesn’t add up.”

“Add up? What do you mean?”

“My case against Kanzawa.”

“Huh? It sounded perfectly reasonable to me. Inspector Imai is bringing him into questioning today, right? If you can find some evidence, this case should be set.”

“No, it’s not. There’s no explanation as to why he bothered burning numbers into them, or why he performed the killings weekly.”

“Perhaps he just wanted to leave a mark on them? Murderers aren’t the most predictable or understandable, maybe he got a sense of satisfaction every time he defiled the bodies that he killed and left in pure condition.”

“It’s not that your explanation doesn’t make sense, it’s just really shitty.”

With a quite visibly irritated face, Ken-chan leaves, waving his hand while she walks away.

Is it possible that I was wrong about Kanzawa? After all… 

But once again, my train of thought is interrupted, though this time, it’s the phone.

“Hey intern! Pick it up!”

“Yeah, got it.” She picks up the phone, and a while later, puts down the phone with a face of shock. “Okay, I understand. I’ll tell her.”

“What’s up?”

“About Kanzawa Haruka… he had no confirmable alibi for all the days in which the murders happened, supposedly visiting his parents weekly.”


“But this monday, when Johnson Bang was found dead, he was in a live concert. And there’s CCTV footage which proves he’s innocent.”


“Maybe Kanzawa killed just the five people, and someone else killed Johnson?”

“No. Even if he had an accomplice, there’s no reason he would just not kill the last person himself.”

Actually, it could be an imposter, disguising their own murder as someone else’s…

No, that’s impossible.

None of the murders were released to the public, and the poison and burning techniques used were similar enough for the forensics team to deem the perpetrator as the same person.

“What if he changed the poison? The forensics team hasn’t actually identified it, right? If there’s one with similar effects but more slow acting, then couldn’t it work?”

“No, it’s no coincidence that the murders all occurred on Monday, so Johnson had to die on Monday. And a slow acting poison kicking in at the right time is just too unreliable.”

“Damn… then… are we back to square one? We have no suspects!”

“No, we do.”

“We do? I thought the other suspects were duds.”

“Not exactly. I have my suspicions about Honda.”

“Honda.. You were staring at him yesterday. What’s going on?”

“He ended up spilling some water on his left hand, and he acted like a dog had just bit him. I’m pretty sure his hand is burnt. That could be from the burn marks that the victims had.”

“Really? I hadn’t noticed… but it’s just a burnt hand, isn’t it? That’s purely circumstantial and is much more likely to be a coincidence.”

“It would be just a coincidence if it were only that. But that guy… he was smiling. His girlfriend was murdered just 2 weeks ago, and when he’s told about the person who killed her, he smiles.”

“…Maybe he was just relieved that he wasn’t a suspect anymore?”

“Perhaps. But that wasn’t a look of relief. That was a look of joy. Something is going on that I’m not yet aware of.” I stand up, and grab my jacket. “I’d ask you to investigate Honda for me, but this case has been going on for too long. It’s time to settle this case once and for all.”

“Ooh~ so cool!”

“Also, I don’t trust you with an investigation.”


Honda Kennichi opens the door. He currently lives in the same apartment which his girlfriend was in. Not usual, but not unusual. Some people are often too afraid of moving on and try to remember their loved one by staying in the same place as them.

“Hi! I’m Nodaka, I met with you yesterday with Inspector Imai.”

He seems quite shocked. Maybe enough to be called panicked. But he manages to quickly recompose himself, and show a blank, perhaps slightly curious expression.

“Hello, can I help you?”

“Well, I just wanted to give you an update on the case. We actually got some damning evidence against Kanzawa Haruka. He has no alibi whatsoever.” The intern, who is standing on my right, turns her head to face me in shock.

“Wow… that’s… great… if he is really the one who killed Kanna, then I hope he is properly arrested.”

“Yes… I’m sure being treated as a possible suspect during this time must have been terrible. I really want to apologize for Detective Ano’s behavior. Could we come in?” I hold out a bag, with a box from an extremely high end sweets company(which is empty, but Honda doesn’t know that).

“Oh, of course. Please.” He steps back and opens the door. 

Going through the relatively small apartment to the living room, I notice various holes and marks on the walls. I manage to secretly peek through a door, and I can see a cracked television screen. 

But something is bizarre. Something is off. Ever since I first saw Honda yesterday, there’s been something about him that I just can’t place my finger on. I look at Honda, looking from head to toe multiple times. 

His face?

He’s wearing glasses, which is new… but that’s not it.

His torso…


His lower body…

No. This isn’t the right direction.

He does look somewhat more happy than before. No, is it better to say ‘free’?

What is it…. The colors on him?

Colors.. The clothes?

Yeah… the police report showed that he was wearing long sleeves and pants, despite it being in the middle of Summer. And yet just a few weeks later, he’s wearing short sleeves and short legs.


Oh. That’s it.

I knew it. There’s no doubt in my mind now that Honda Kennichi is the one who murdered all 6 people. I’ve got the motive down. He has no alibi. All I need now is some actual concrete evidence…

The intern and I sit on the table, and I place the bag of (empty) sweets on the floor, so that Honda doesn’t open it while I try and find some evidence. I try to continue a dialogue between Honda and I, while I continue to talk about the likelihood of Yukiyoshi’s arrest, and other bullshit like that. During this, I try to casually peak around and ask some around the bush questions about the house, but nothing comes to avail. 


I’m out of things to say… 

At this point, I probably only have this left.

I discreetly reach into my phone in my pocket, press the power button three times, and my phone begins to ring. I take it out, stand up, and answer.
“Yes?” I mumble some hmms in before continuing. “Ah,” I look at the intern, sign her to come over to me, and look at Honda. “Sorry, we need to take this. Could we just have a moment?”

“Yes?” I mumble some hmms in before continuing. “Ah,” I look at the intern, sign her to come over to me, and look at Honda. “Sorry, we need to take this. Could we just have a moment?”

We walk towards the hallway, and I whisper to her.

“Hey, have you noticed anything?”

“Noticed… anything?”

“Yeah. Anything.”

“Um… I don’t know, he looks a little happier than he did in the report.”

“Come on, anything else?”

The intern takes a couple seconds to think. Thinking….

“Oh, shit!”

“What is it?”

“I forgot to message my friend!”

“Wha.. are you fucking kidding me? I know you don’t believe Honda is the murderer, but you’re getting paid to do this! Your messages can…”





A message?


I’ve got it.

I can’t help but smirk, though I would even if I could help it.

“Hey Intern, you better turn your brain on, because Master Detective Nadoka Asumi has done it again.”


“Oh, before I leave,” Nadoka asks. “Honda, could I ask one final question?” She said something about solving the case, but she just got up to begin leaving. What the hell is she thinking?


“I just wanted to know… how did it feel to kill your girlfriend?”


Wait, did she really just…


“…Excuse me?” An array of emotions begin to play on Honda’s face, like a broken TV screen. Confusion, anger, disarray, sadness. “What in the– you… Get the hell out of my-”

“You see, I thought it was weird, changing from long sleeve to short sleeve for no apparent reason. If anything, it’s colder now than when you wore long sleeves. And yet, you’re wearing short sleeves! What reason could there be for that? Is it just a coincidence that you happened to be wearing long sleeves during the day Yonagi Kanna died? Of course not.”

“It was to hide bruises, right? Holes in the wall, a broken TV, hell, long sleeves weren’t even enough to cover all your bruises! All classic designs of domestic abuse. Kanna died approximately two weeks ago, meaning that the latest you could have been hit by her was two weeks ago, which is around the time it takes for bruises to fully heal. That’s why you’re wearing short sleeves now. There’s nothing to hide, after all.”

No, but that still doesn’t match up.

“But Nodaka, that’s only a motive for killing one of the victims. Why would Honda go out of her way to kill 5 other people?”

“That’s the thing about Honda. Why it took so long for me to connect the dots. He used the other killings as a camouflage. I’m sure he heard about the cooking class with Johnson Bang more than a couple times from Yonagi. After all, it’s 3 months with a Michelin star chef. From that, he probably formed a plan to murder Yonagi, and every member from the cooking class except for one person, to frame them. And it just so happens that one of them, Yukiyoshi, was failing in business. A perfect scapegoat.”

This sick bastard… so he killed 5 other people just to avoid suspicion?!

“The only problem for Honda would have been to allow the police to make the connection between the victims. But he couldn’t be too obvious about it. So he gave them all unnatural deaths with causes difficult to recognize, and numbered them from 1 to 6.”

“Did he kill them on Mondays for that reason too?”

“No, that was to frame Kanzawa. Her comment about visiting her family is probably true. I doubt it was hard to find a weekly event that Kanzawa did, even an amateur can manage to find that kind of information with enough trailing.”

“The 6’s all over Cafe Bang, as well as the note ‘You Cheated Me’ was placed there for the same reason. If Kanzawa was angry at the people in the cooking course for the success they couldn’t achieve, it’d be natural for her to be most upset with Johnson, the most successful out of everyone as a michelin star chef, and also her mentor who failed to guide her.”

“B-But… Wait a second, Nodaka.” Honda finally spoke up after staying silent during Nodaka’s long monologue. “The things you’re saying… it sounds like there’s no reason to suspect me instead of Kanzawa. Isn’t that right?”

“You’d be right, but you’re unfortunately wrong. You knew about his weekly visits to his parents, but you didn’t study up enough on him. He went to a live concert instead of visiting his parents on the day of Johnson’s death.” 

“Wh-what?” The shock and panic on Honda’s face was simply too clear to imply anything but this man’s lack of innocence. “But- w-well, everything you’re saying is circumstantial! None of this would hold up in court. You may as well be reading a fiction book!” He tries to form a smile.

“Once again, you’re wrong! Man, maybe you should become a pair of dumb and dumber with my intern here!”

“I’m guessing you overestimated the police’s judgement. Even with the clues, they weren’t able to piece together the deaths as even connected until after the third casualty. Panicked, you sent an anonymous tip to a certain detective agency. You realized you forgot to erase your fingerprints on the letter, so you burned your hand to remove them off of yourself. But what you didn’t realize was that there were a couple strands of hair in the letter.”

Panic once again overcomes Honda, but at an even more extreme rate. He begins to breathe heavily and quickly, enough to make me suspect he’s hyperventilating.

“Now, if I tell all of this to Inspector Imai, and considering you were one of the prime suspects in this case, I’m sure there will be enough reason to ask for a hair sample. And if that matches with the hair strands in the letter I received, then that’ll mean that you, Honda Kennichi, sent a mail to my firm with the details of a case that was private to the public, and at the time, you weren’t even involved with, since Yonagi Kanna was the fourth victim.”

Nodaka takes a short breath, and points a finger gun at Honda. 

As if to respond to Nodaka, Honda runs straight towards her, presumably to attack her. But this proves completely futile, as Nodaka slightly turns and does a massive kick on his neck. Immediately afterwards, she grabs his face, and slams his entire body onto the wall, creating a bigger crack than any we had noticed before.

She lets go, and Honda’s body lifelessly drops down to the floor, like a ragdoll.

With Nodaka’s reveal, as well as this fight, I think this beats my experience at Cafe Bang in terms of sheer surprise, since I think I witnessed a death both times.

“Do you want to carve a seven?”


A few hours later, Honda gained consciousness in the hospital, and confessed, seeing as he was bound to be found guilty one way or another. Nodaka avoided attempted murder charges with a self defence claim, though I’m not sure that one was justified.

The last few days here at Yuzuriha Detective Agency have probably been the worst in my life, but it’s somehow given me some respect for Nodaka, though maybe only for her intelligence. The double layer of this case… I don’t think I would have been able to properly deduce even the surface layer of the murders.

And yet despite that, because of the traction that the cases gained, the agency offered me a permanent job as Nodaka’s assistant. I don’t really expect it to go further than a babysitter, and I’m somewhat dreading the moments where I’ll have to face incidents like what happened in Cafe Bang. Johnson’s death still haunts me to this day, and I don’t think I can properly forgive Nodaka for that. But the pay is too good for me to refuse, so I’ve got no choice, as unqualified as I am.

Oh, and I ended up asking Nodaka about the other suspect, Yukiyoshi Sendou.

“Nodaka, how did you know that Yukiyoshi wasn’t the culprit? Even if he didn’t have a proper motive, didn’t he strike you as suspicious?”

“Ahhh, that guy. Nah, he’s gay.”


“He was participating in a secrative gay group tour around Japan. Him being at the right location was just a coincidence, and he didn’t tell anyone since being publicly homosexual doesn’t do you any good around here.”

“Wha… huh… wait, how do you even know about that?”

And I also learned something quite shocking.

“Because I’m a lesbian?”


“Oh, I guess I never did tell you.”

“Huh??? B-but, you and Kanou, weren’t you two-”

Maybe, a couple of things.

“Yeah, we were a thing before. Wait, you thought Kanou was a guy?”


Chapter a week: 1 “A Convoluted Situation”

Chapter a week is a story that’s updated once a week, but the writer continuing the story alternates every time. This serves as mainly a biweekly creative outlet for us where we try to improve our writing, but it also allows us to have fun with each other since we don’t have a story planned. Enjoy! 

Link to Prologue


“Five–what? What do you mean?” I stumbled. Not only was this my first time really hearing about the case I was supposed to help with, but it was also the first time seeing Nodaka with any sense of urgency or hurry.

“I solved the case! Hah! I’m seriously such a genius.” She grinned. “Hey, today is May 15th right?”

“Yeah, it is.” In response to my answer, Nodaka brightened up even more. “Is there anything special about today? I was actually planning on going to the mahjong tournament today, so if it could wait till tomorr–”

“Exactly! I can’t believe I forgot!” She began waving her hands around in accordance to what she was saying, as if what she was saying was some kind of message from God. “Miyuki put me on this case that I’d be too busy to enter since she knows I’m better than her, but I’ve cracked it in time!” 

“That said, the only problem is actually telling the police who the culprit is.” She then points her finger straight at me. “And that’s where you come in!” At this point, the only emotion I am feeling is confusion. Nodaka begins to jump around the room, picking up socks scattered around the room and putting them on. “I need you to go to Shirakawa and deliver my message to detective Ano.”

“Shirakawa? What? Why?”

“Because that’s where the crime scene is, what do you think?” She crouches down, supposedly having found her other sock. “Stupid intern.” she mumbles, but loudly enough so I could hear.

“Wait, I don’t even know where the crime scene is!” Nodaka turns her head around to face me, and stares at me blankly for a solid second before replying. 

“What?! You’re an intern, how could you not know?”

“You never told me!” I retort, but she simply stares at me with irritation. No, maybe disappointment is a better word. She sighs, and hops around the room, miraculously avoiding any of the items scattered around the floor, until she reaches her desk. 

“Man, you’re so useless. So all you’ve done is buy me food and make me coffee? What do you think you’ve been hired as, a babysitter?” Unsure of how to react to various elements of her comment, I just continue watching her in silence. She reaches into a pile of documents, and grabs a pink, semi transparent document holder.  She opens it and throws a bunch of pieces of paper out from it, until she stops after looking at one, and hands it to me. “There.” She puts her finger on a yellow post-it note on the sheet, which reads a long address written in surprisingly neat handwriting.

“Alright, so, just deliver my message to detective Ano, alright?” She begins to head towards the door, presumably to the mahjong tournament.

“Wait, you mean right now?”

“Yeah, when else?” She stares at me blankly once again, like I’m asking something stupid.

“You just said “we have to go” before, aren’t you going to come with me?”

“No, no, no, we have to go! You have to go to Shirakawa, and I have to go to the tournament!  Enough stupid questions, hurry up and get this case finished!” 

“Why can’t you just call the detective instea–” But before I could ask another stupid question, Nodaka runs out and slams the door shut on her way out, leaving behind me, a confused intern, in a large yet cramped and messy room to take in everything that had just happened.

Wait, so she hired me to participate in a mahjong tournament?!

Realizing this just now, I decide to take a short break.


After finally receiving my latte, I sit down on one of the smaller tables in the corner, and open the pink folder given to me. I was a little excited before this, thinking that I’d finally be able to start working on a case in this detective agency. After all, I really had been just a babysitter. But when I actually looked inside the folder, I realized that Nodaka Asumi was a consistent person. Inside the folder was a collection mostly of doodles, the most noticeable of which was a doodle of who looked like Yosana Miyuki, the current president of the Yuzuriha detective agency, bowing down to Nodaka, saying, “Please forgive me! You are the better detective and a sexier woman!”

Ignoring whether she gave this to me on purpose or not, I realize that I should probably begin to head to Shirakawa, since it’s all the way in Kyoto.

On the way to the station, I recall the conversation that I’d had an hour ago with Nodaka, and realize that even if I ignore not knowing what the case is about, I don’t know who the hell Detective Ano is.

I guess I’ll call him when I’m on the train.

I buy the bullet train ticket to Kyoto costing nearly 15,000 yen without much thought, since it was a business trip, and sit on my seat.

I flip through the pages in the folder again, hoping to find some kind of clue about the case itself, but also to make sure I could ask Nodaka everything I needed to before I called her.

In the first place, I don’t even know if Nodaka is going to pick up her phone… I also want to avoid not knowing anything at all when I deliver Nodaka’s message.




It was at this moment that I had realized something much, much more significant than me not knowing who Detective Ano was.


Nodaka didn’t tell me her message.

Normally this would be no problem, but that slight fear of Nodaka not responding to the phone call was creeping upon me. I call her phone number, and of course, she doesn’t pick up. I call her again. No answer. I call her for the third time since it should be the charm, but I come to realize that no charm works on the lazy sleazeball that is Nodaka Asumi, since she doesn’t pick up.

With a little panic, I call the company phone number of Yuzuriha detective agency. Natsuki, who is probably the only normal person I’ve met in the agency, picks up.

“Yuzuriha Detective Agency, how can I help you?”

“Natsuki, can you put me through to Nodaka? It’s pretty important.”

“Uh, I’m pretty sure she’s playing mahjong right now. I can go to her if you want.”

“That’d be really great, just hand over the phone to her. Thanks a lot.”

After a little while of waiting and pacing around my small seat, I was removed from being put on hold and was put through.

“Hey, are you there?” Unfortunately, the one who came back was Natsuki, not Nodaka. 

“Yeah, where’s Nodaka?”

“She said she’s busy.”

Are you kidding me??

“Tell her that she didn’t give me the message, so I have nothing to say to Ano.”

Although there was very clear confusion in her voice, Natsuki obliged, but didn’t put me on hold, so I could hear a little of her conversation with Nodaka. I could hear Natsuki speak to her in a normal, casual tone, and Nodaka’s very obviously irritated response, though I couldn’t make out what she actually said. Although there was a little hope in me that Natsuki would fight back and respond to her, to my dismay she came back to the phone.

“Hey, what’d Nodaka say?”

There was a short pause, before Natsuki responded. “She said that since she’s too busy, you should just go solve the case yourself.” After hearing what Natsuki said, I realized she paused probably because she felt as dumbfounded as I did. That said, I didn’t really want to put her through more scolding from Nodaka, so I decided to end the conversation.

“Yeah… okay…. Uh, thanks, Natsuki.”

“No need to thank me. Good luck, Risa.” -beep-

I take a deep breath, and decide to go over the options I had.

The first one that comes to mind is going back to the agency, kicking that dirtbag in the face and making her come to Shirakawa with me, but there’s just one problem. I’m already on the bullet train, and purchased a ticket. If I go back now, I’m going to have to explain why I spent 15 thousand yen on a ticket which basically had no meaning, and I can easily imagine Nodaka not accepting this as a valid reason, and thus making me pay for the ticket out of spite. 

I’m really short on money right now, hell, that’s the whole reason I’ve begun this internship in the first place. So that’s not an option.

The only other option that I can think of right now is to do what Nodaka told me to do, and actually solve the case. But is that even possible for me? God damn…

I flip through the pages in the file holder once again, trying to think of something to do. Although it is mostly filled with poorly drawn doodles, there are occasional notes that I can’t figure out the meaning of since there’s no context. Sometimes it’s just a phrase, sometimes it’s just a collection of numbers. I consider trying to decode some of these, but considering the possibility that these are direct quotes from a soap drama Nodaka was watching, I decide not to. But then, my eyes latch onto a set of numbers that resemble a phone number. Although it was shot in the dark, I really have nothing to go on right now, so I dial it on my phone.

Miraculously, the call goes through. And even more miraculously, someone picks it up, which, after my attempts with Nodaka, feels like an act from God.


A somewhat husky, deep voice comes through the phone. I freeze for a bit, realizing that I dialed the phone expecting no answer, and thus I didn’t plan anything to say in the first place. 

“Uh- ah- um…..  Are you… an acquaintance of Nodaka Asumi?” I manage to say something, but it doesn’t really make sense.

“Who is this?”

“Uh…. I’m currently interning in Nodaka Ayumi’s–”

“Ohh, Risa-chan, the new female assistant! How the hell d’you get my number?” I get interrupted, but what stuns me more is that this person knows not only who I am but even my name.

“Well, I-”

“That doesn’t matter. I feel so bad for you! You really shouldn’t have taken this job offer. Though I guess you had no choice with your financial situation…. Man, even if it was my chance to get out of that shitty job, now that I’m talking to you, I feel really bad.”

Chance to get out of his job…? Wait, my financial situation?! How the hell–

“Sorry, who are you?” I abruptly ask him, somewhat demandingly.

In response, he laughs. “You’re the one who called me, and you’re asking who I am? Hah, that’s pretty good.” He’s right, but I’m starting to feel a little frustrated. “You sound quite troubled, what’s going on?” But suddenly, he begins to sound a little more reliable and kind. No, maybe he always had this tone, but it sounded threatening because he knew things about me. 

“It’s a bit of a convoluted situation…”

“Don’t worry about it, I have more time that I need, now that I’m unemployed.”

I quickly explain what’s happened to me today. For the most part, he listened in silence, but I could hear him trying to hold in laughter occasionally. 

“…and so that’s how I got your phone number.”

“Man, that really sucks. I really feel for, you I really do.” His previous laughing suggests otherwise, but whatever. “As I said, I’ve got a lot of time on my hands, so I don’t mind helping you. I can give you some info on the case, though I don’t remember all of it, and certainly don’t know who the culprit was.” Though I’d asked the same question before, his line just now piqued my interest again, leading me to ask, once more.

“Sorry, but how do you know all of this? Who exactly are you?”

“Oh, right. I didn’t introduce myself, sorry about that. I’m Kanou, Asumi’s previous assistant.”

Should you Play: Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara Wild Hearts is a game that came out quite a while back, but in case you were still wondering where to buy it or not, here’s my opinion:

So I sat down to play… Sayonara Wild Hearts (2019) - George ...

In short, yes.

Sayonara Wild Hearts is extremely entertaining, with graphics that look really good, and uses the blockiness of it to its advantage by making it a part of its aesthetic.

Sayonara Wild Hearts - Original Soundtrack 상품을 Steam에서 구매 ...

But although the visuals are great in the game, I think the key appeals of it are the music and the gameplay. Wild Hearts itself is an extremely short game, even for its 13 dollar price, and it’ll take you 1-2 hours to clear the entire game.

Review: Sayonara Wild Hearts - A Marvellous, Music-Driven ...

It’ll take longer than that, maybe another hour or two(or even more) to get Gold Ranks on all of the stages, but in 2 hours you’ll have seen everything the game has to offer.

The gameplay consists of dodging and shooting, while collecting points through hearts. Yet its constantly changing, sometimes being a 3D racer, while other times its a shooting game or resembles a 2D platformer(this review is intentionally showing similar photos that are mostly from the beginning of the game, to avoid spoilers).

sayonara wild hearts review (7).jpeg | GameCrate

But the key point to the gameplay is that it’s extremely easy. The levels themselves don’t require much skill, and there are countless amounts of ‘silent checkpoints’ in the game, allowing for quick respawns close to where you died, which keeps your excitement high while you’re playing.

Many people have referred to this game as a rhythm game, but I don’t think you should go into this game with that expectation. The music is definitely great, and there’s no doubt that this game would be much worse without it. That said, the gameplay itself is very loosely connected with the music, and rarely relies on your sense of rhythm.

I think the best way to understand how cool this game actually is, is to watch the trailer for it. When I first watched it, I thought that there was no way the game is actually going to look like this, but literally all of the gameplay looks like whats shown in the trailers. It transitions so smoothly between the short cutscenes and the gameplay, and it’s really unique in how you’re put in all sorts of new situations, introducing new gameplay mechanics that are really cool to play with, but simple enough to not warrant a tutorial.

Sayonara Wild Hearts Wallpaper 68826 1920x1080px

I only have two major complaints with this game, both of which are related to the ‘coins’ that are in every level, which affect the ‘rank’ that you achieve after each level. The first complaint I have is how disconnected the gameplay is to the visuals. There’s these guiding ‘coins’ in this game, and so when you’re being chased by an enemy, instead of looking at it to see where it would go and where you can dodge, you can simply look at the coins to look at where you’d go. This makes the visuals feel much less important and dragged my attention away from it, which is a true shame considering how cool and well done they are.

Sayonara Wild Hearts Review - Full of Heart (PS4)

The other complaint that I have is how the coins actually appear. During the parts in the game where there is no enemy, and all you’re really doing is chasing the coins to get a better rank(and lack of anything else to do), often times there is no visual cue or consistent pattern to how the coins appear. Instead, it’s much easier(and I think the only way to actually get all the coins) to kill yourself after seeing where to coins appear, so that you go back to the previous checkpoint to be able to collect the coins.

Sayonara Wild Hearts Review | Flashy stylish arcade bliss

But enough of my complaining, if you’re even considering this game, then I would strongly, strongly recommend it, especially since it’s only 13 bucks. The problems I mentioned were some things I found a little annoying during my first playthrough, and I’m sure some people won’t even notice or be bothered by it at all.

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Dress Up Features are Simply Great!

For the longest time, ever since the first pokemon game, players have never had the ability to customize their own character’s design. Now, I don’t know about you, but I actually never had any problems with this.

The main character sprite in Pokémon Red and Blue is off-center ...

In the first place, the original games were tiny pixels, so obviously there isn’t much room for customization there. That said, with the recent additions of 3D pokemon games, I think Game Freak made an excellent decision to add character customization to the game, even if it wasn’t really asked for.

The amount of customization that’s present in this game is actually quite diverse, too. There’s plenty of different clothes for your character to wear, all sorts of hats and shoes, and I surprisingly found myself enjoying the heck out of myself customizing my own character.

There’s also this new feature in the latest installment to the game called “league cards”, where you basically pose your own character and decorate it with backgrounds, effects, and frames in the game, and share it with other players. This was also super fun, and I’m not going to lie, making mine was one of the top highlights of my playthrough lol. The character is just too cute!!

To show off some of the differences you can have in characcters, here’s my league card compared to Edy’s. It’s also there to show that I am better than him in design and pokemon.

Overall, although I’m sure no one is going to play pokemon for its character customization, I think many people will find themselves enjoying the dress up parts simply for how easy it is to make a good looking character in the game.

What makes Kaguya-Sama Stand Above the Other Rom-Coms

With the second season of Kaguya-sama being back on air, the popularity of the show has once again shown itself, with various anime communities having consistent conversations about the show. Kaguya has gotten an immense amount of popularity, even in the western fandom, with over 250,000 users listing the first season on MAL, and the second season currently holding an incredibly high score of 8.75. It’s not common for a Rom-Com Slice of Life anime to be ranked so high, so what makes Kaguya-sama stand so far above other Rom-Coms?

Well for the most part, it’s basically two things. Comedy and Cute Girls. But it’s the great execution that the show carries out with these two elements that allow for such simple things to help the show achieve such great acclaim.

The premise of the show is pretty simple, two very noble, prestigious students are in love with each other, but they want the other to confess first. Sounds somewhat like a commonplace relationship, but here, these two are characters of high intellect, so we are often treated with “high-level conversations” where the others try to evaluate any small hint that they come across through small talk, and they try and make the other slip up into a confession.

This of course is simply ridiculous, but it’s this absurdness of the show that makes it so funny. Many of the best parts of this show(and the source material manga) is the frankly stupid situations that the main two find themselves in.

Combine this comedy with the somewhat large cast of genuinely interesting and mostly likeable side cast, and you have an excellent recipe for a success.

P.S. Kaguya is best girl, fight me.

The Hilariously Wrong Vegan Documentary: The Game Changers

Now you may be wondering. Why is an anime blogger posting about a vegan documentary? My answer to you:

Confused-looking anime girls with question marks above their heads ...

With the CoronaVirus, I’ve been watching random stuff on Netflix. The other day, I watched the documentary, “The Game Changers”, a relatively popular documentary on netflix which discusses the ‘plant eating diet’.

It is definitely not because I had a quick school assignment, and did not want to write a blog post this week. Definitely not. No way

——– warning: this post is filled with 5 minute research, and you probably shouldn’t trust it. i am an idiot with no degree, no prior knowledge in this area, and my opinion should not be taken seriously ——-

fixed that for you guys 🙂

This documentary is actually pretty funny if you consider the ways in which it’s just outright wrong, which you’ll find from just a bit of research on the web. For example, they say that a peanut butter sandwich has just as much protein as a 3oz beef, but that would require literally ¼ cup of peanut butter.

If that doesn’t convince you to watch this, I would like you to know that there is a section in this movie where they discuss how eating plants make your erection better.

But for now, I’d just like to talk about the documentary and its problems.

The documentary pushes the idea that plant eating diets are much more effective in helping people for exercise, and strongly suggests that it is the superior diet to a meat based diet. It attempts to debunk many ideas within society of the benefits of meat diets and negatives of plant eating diets. 

One of the things that is deeply covered within this documentary is the poor knowledge that many people have about meat eating diets. There are undoubtedly many benefits to eating plants over meat, and eating sufficient amounts of plants and not overwhelming your system with meat is definitely a good idea, however, as this documentary mentions, many professional teams eat many steaks a day and treat themselves to junk food right before real matches

The film pushes the importance of diet on human’s physical performance. However, this film puts too much importance on the diet, and has a lack of focus on anything else.

There is a section in the documentary in which various athletes are given a meat burrito first and have their blood tested, then have a bean burrito the next day and have their blood tested again. In this test, they put the blood in a centrifuge to see the plasma within the blood easily. The point of this test was to demonstrate that one meat meal can impair blood flow, and that endothelium functions less well after a meat meal. Of course, the results of the test in the documentary show that the bean burrito was much more helpful. 

However, the documentary does not even mention other variables whatsoever,  such as sleep, medical history, training, muscle fatigue, mental clarity, emotional state and genetic predispositions. 

Furthermore, this documentary often has lots of sections where it is arguable that the problems being mentioned are not necessarily due to the people consuming meat instead of plants, but because they are consuming poor quality meat. 

Conor McGregor | UFC

There is massive misinformation and misrepresentation of facts, and man it’s hilarious if you know the context. There are many instances in the documentary where there are so many elements that are not properly shown to the audience, and only the diet is shown as the main cause of everything. One of the highlights of the film is where the fighter Conner McGregor goes against Nate Diaz. It shows McGregor constantly eating meat, and saying that he overeats meat, and strongly implies that the outcome of the fight in which Conner McGregor loses and that causes a major upset in the fighting community, is solely because of the diet. 

This is an extremely poor representation of the facts, because of many factors in this fight that were not mentioned. For example, many believe that in the first place, McGregor was a poor match to Diaz due to their conflicting fighting styles. Furthermore, Diaz was known to do much more cardio while McGregor would focus more on strength training. In addition to that, in this fight, McGregor had to go up two weight classes for this fight, meaning that there was likely a 20 to 30 pound difference between the two during the time of the fight. This is not mentioning the 11 losses that Diaz has, as well as the fact that McGregor emerged victorious in the rematch. The claim that the diet was the difference in this match is simply ridiculous, as it does not take other sources into consideration. 

Another one of the points that this documentary makes is that although people believe that we need to get protein from animals, that is actually false, and we can actually get all of the required protein from plants, and perhaps even better quality from protein. The film makes a fucking hilarious claim that ultimately the protein we get from animals and plants is the same, because the animals eat those same plants. However, there is much scientific evidence that suggests that plant protein is inferior to meat protein. 

There’s various reasons, and these are just a couple of ones I found from

  1. most plant proteins are far less bioavailable than animals proteins
  2. most plant proteins are limiting in various essential amino acids.
  3. most plant proteins are low in leucine

anyway, thanks for reading. see you next week where i will actually post anime things.

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

The Struggle with Additional Characters(ft. Hidamari Sketch)

So many times, in long running TV shows and occasionally Anime, come a time in the show where either some character(s) join the main cast. There’s many reasons that can apply to this situation, such as some of the main cast leaving because their actors are too expensive, or even the writers running out of ideas with the current character dynamics. But whatever the reason, you often find that characters are coming in and out of shows. And the ones that come in are almost never just as good as the original cast.

Obviously there’s the sentimental value that you’ve come to bear for the original cast. But there’s indefinitely something beyond that. Good writers can obviously come up with characters that would have interesting chemistry with the pre-existing cast, and with the main cast already having been deeply explored, it may end up being easier to write a character with a personality and background that compliments the others than it would have been in the beginning. But more often than not, show writers are not that well skilled.

Hidamari Sketch is an example of a show where there was a more than solid cast, but the team(or rather, mangaka) decided to add an additional two characters who simply did not live up to the main cast. Nori and Nazuna are not dislikable, but they’re simply nowhere near the level of Miyako, Hiro, etc. Even the side characters like Natsume or Sae’s little sister are much, much more cuter, interesting and likable.

Still, there are some fun occasions with the two new main characters where they have some really enjoyable chemistry with the original main cast that stems from the upperclassmen and lower classmen. 

Also, Nazuna’s voice is just a little too high pitched for me, which just makes it worse- but that’s probably just me…

How Music in Slice of Life can transform「calming」into「relaxing」

Music affects our viewer experience, often much more than we end up realizing. When reading media reviews, especially ones concerning anime, I often see a lack of focus on the sound section. Now, of course I definitely think that part of this is on the fault of the anime industry, due to many series having lackluster soundtracks. But I think that the anime community in general has a lack of awareness for how important music is to a medium.

Animations consist of three different key elements, art, sound, and story. Now, I’d indefinitely mark sound in the last of the three, and music is only one of the three elements of sound, sound effects, voice acting, and music. But just because it’s not as vital as the story or art, you shouldn’t underestimate the massive effects that it can have on your experience with a show.

In this post, I’ll mainly be talking about the effect music has on slice of life shows, but the influence it has on viewers is universal to all genres. An excellent example would be Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Yoko Kanno is a serious legend, with masterful control of music. So much of her compositions in Stand Alone Complex are catchy and get me so hyped up whenever I hear them, enough for me to go back and download the soundtrack after completing the series. Of course, there are instances in which you can overuse your music, which I’d argue is somewhat of a case in the TV series Suits, where the same 10 songs are probably used the entire time. That said, the music in that show is also crazy good, which helps me not get tired of the soundtrack.

If you’re a slice of life fan, you may have heard of Hidamari Sketch. It wasn’t too successful, and that goes especially for the western community, where there’s only a little over 25,000 members listing it as completed in Myanimelist. The show is a bit of an oddball, where it implements many usage of Shaft’s signature material despite being an Iyashikei show. It’s directed by Akiyuki Shinbo, which was what dragged me into the show in the first place. There’s lots of creative imagery and clever usage of real life images to make up for small budget but also to establish character. There’s lots of other things to like about Hidamari Sketch, like the charming cast and excellent voice acting. But to me, what elevates this show from a good one to an excellent one, and what truly allows me to relax when watching it is the soundtrack.

The soundtrack of Hidamari Sketch is incredible, there’s so many songs that just ease up my shoulders as soon as I hear the music start. The best is probably “Shinmiri” , a song which whenever I hear it come on, I just begin sinking into my couch helplessly. The songs in Hidamari Sketch aren’t just catchy, they’re healing. Hypnotic, almost. As I said earlier, music influenes viewer experience in any genre. But in my personal opinion, I think the music of an iyashikei show is what truly helps it to become a real gentle, relaxing experience.

If you want another excellent example, I’d give you Aria, which I already made a post about why the setting of the show makes it kick even more ass. But Aria’s soundtrack is what allows the show to do what it does best, make you comfy and relaxed. The series’ opening, which plays in the beginning of the show allows it to reestablish its calming tone every episode. That opening song, “Undine”, played by Makino Yui, is one of the most relaxing vocal songs that I’ve heard in my life. Not only does it perfectly match the magical, mysterious yet inviting tone of Aria, but it’s just so god damn soothing.

I think I’ve said enough about why music is so important to anime, and the slice of life genre in particular. Do you have any opinions on genres that music is vital to, or want to share an excellent soundtrack of a show you love? Leave a comment!