Mob Psycho’s Perfect Recap Episode

Recap episodes have a pretty bad reputation around them. Usually, it makes sense why they do. Most studios have recap episodes to take a week break to catch back up to the animation schedule again. They use previously aired episodes, stitching together different scenes, to make some product to hold on to the viewers in any way possible. 

I’m sure it’s not like the staff want to do a recap episode. In Shirobako, the director, Kinoshita, is traumatized by his previous show that had to go to recap episodes evivitably because of scheduling issues. Most shows, in fact, do not have a recap episode unless it’s a special circumstance where a continuation of a series is starting and it’s been a few years since the last season (of which still ends up being boring and reused scenes). It’s shows like Arifureta that evidently had scheduling problems that needed recap episodes 4 episodes into the show. 

I’m sure most of us can agree when I say recap episodes are boring. And when we see episode OO.5 appear on the screen, we are reluctant to click on that link. 

That feeling when you excitedly start a movie of your favorite show to find out it was recap is incredibly disheartening. 

Mob Psycho, however, was different. It managed to create a recap episode that wasn’t just a boring, quickly stitched up, 20 minute episode. Somehow, they managed to create a recap episode that was unbelievably entertaining. 

Mob Psycho’s recap episode, or Mob Psycho 100 REIGEN The Miraculous Unknown Psychic, retells all of the stories from season one of Mob Psycho. But with a twist.

Reigen “the Miraculous Unknown Psychic” is the narrator.

To be more specific, one day, Reigen sees a bestseller book on TV that made a lot of money. Being the money hungry man that he is, Reigen decides to record his adventure with Mob in his book to create his own bestseller book. With Mob as his scribe, he retells the story of Reigen the Miraculous Unknown Psychic. 

As you can probably guess from this, with Reigen being the scammer that he is, fabricates all the events in season one to make himself the main character. 

This leads to some hilariously comedical scenes for those who watched the first season of the show. As suddenly, moments from the show without Reigen are changed to have him appear in almost every scene either doing the action or just watching from the side. 

For example, rather than Mob defeating the sprites from the early episodes, Reigen is the one who exercises them with his special move: Banishing Salt Punch. 

Hilariously, rather than the normal count up to 100% from the show is changed to the counting of fabrication level.

The best parts from the episode is when these actual parts from the show showed up a little. For example, parts when Suzuki was fighting near the end of the season or the end of the episode, were replaced with Reigen. The catch here was that his clothes remained as Suzuki’s with his head being the only one replaced with a very empty expression from Reigen. Another example of this was when after Reigen finished defeating his enemies, a third arm appeared from his back, finishing off the enemies. Little things like these made the whole concept of the episode so ridiculous yet hilarious.

While a lot of the scenes are reused from season one, the staff took the effort to draw in Reigen in all of these different scenes which was pretty impressive. In fact, the show also features a lot of new animation which centers around Mob writing the book or Reigen’s stage fight poses.

This hilarious concept was only possible because of the crazy character of Reigen. But watching a show use their plot points and personalities so creativity like this was such a nice way to transition the viewers from season one to season two.

The Winter 2021 show we feel most conflicted about: Urasekai Picnic

So we watched the first episode of Urasekai Picnic, and to my surprise, it was actually pretty good! There were some clear parts with CG that were definitely hard to look past which we’ll talk about later, but I think the plot and world building that we got to see in this episode got me quite interested.

The general atmosphere/mood in the other world is quite nice, the colors are generally more desaturated and there’s a pretty thick fog in most of the scenes. In the more action-oriented ones, we see more darker colors, such as the monster and the delusions(?) that it gives you. 

There were also some really cool uses of music! I don’t think that the BGM is anything to write home about but it helped build the atmosphere, like the elevator montage was pretty cool and exciting to watch. Helped create some tension for the upcoming action sequence.

We’ve only seen one monster so far(apart from the ones in the elevator), but the color scheme on it was really good! There’s this distorted effect that it has and Edy and I talked about how it looked pretty cool. The shot above where the monster looks like it’s overshadowing the two was pretty neat as well. 

This part is probably my favorite from the episode along with the elevator scene. I don’t really think they properly explained why Sorao talks to herself like this, but it was cool either way. I feel like a lot of the seasonal anime that I’ve been watching recently has trouble getting to an actually exciting badass atmosphere in ‘action’(if you could call it that) scenes, but Urasekai Picnic did that quite well. 

The scene where the weird blue shit grows on Sorao’s face was so disgusting and creepy and was a lot of fun. 

The visuals definitely were both my favorite part about the show and my least favorite part about the show. As mentioned previously, the mood was really well set by the color scheme, cool animations with the monster, and interesting setting design. It was great to see that important scenes that probably had key animations done beforehand (ones with either a lot of movement or pivotal to the episode’s plot) definitely had good if not great animation. Some of my favorite moments in the episode came from scenes like Sorao lifting up Toriko as she fell, catching her balance; the explosion of colors that came with the snake; Toriko throwing the rock to the monster; and the two of them running back to the building to return home after they defeat the monster. These scenes were so enjoyable exactly because of the way they established their unique atmospheres through the unique colors.

With that being said, you can easily see that the staff of this show ran out of time. 

A lot of the transition scenes, especially ones that are filler such as walking during exposition, were done almost always with CGI. 

And it was absolutely awful. 

The CG wasn’t just CG, it was horrible, disgusting, messed up CG.

The character models were done so poorly that near the end I was just laughing out loud how wide apart Toriko’s eye’s were or how it looked so long for them to turn around to get to the ladder.

I think a part of it was how pretty the other parts of the show was. It just made us so disappointed about how good this show would have looked without this tint of error that shows up every five minutes or so. 

Though I do really appreciate the fact that every time they used CG they zoomed out to make it as least noticeable as possible. 

I really hope that eventually they fix this in the blu ray version because as previously mentioned some visuals in the show looked really cool and interesting with the other world and cute with the character interactions. 

All that being said, I had fun with this episode ^^ and I’m looking forward to the next!

The Ultimate Pupa Review

Despite the show being pretty gorey, I’ve gone out of my way to take screenshots that don’t show any excessive gore! I know, I’m the best.

Pupa is a TV short anime that aired in the Winter of 2014. It’s about two siblings and was somewhat infamous at the time it aired for being a pretty bad, gorey show. There’s many ways to review an anime, and in this post, for once I’ll be taking a very methodic approach where I look at various ‘elements’ of the show.


There is no story in Pupa. There’s clearly no intention of world building as we get a short exposition in episode 1 about a virus, and then it’s over. After that, I’m not exactly sure what the creators of Pupa have done. The episodes are sort of structured like they are meant to be watched individually. There’s always some kind of narration that introduces you to something that’s at least loosely related to the main plot, and then we see some gorey shit and the episode ends. But it’s all so short, and when it ends you think, “… And???” If the point of it was to present various shocking or tragic stories, there’s so many better cases of it elsewhere.


Bizarre is the best word I can come up with. The character designs are very generic and there’s not much to say apart from that. The color design is also pretty normal, but there’s some weird

You should be able to tell from this photo. It’s like they tried to emulate watercolor(or maybe it really is watercolor) but due to the really boring and dull color scheme, the show looks generally dirty. But it doesn’t add to the atmosphere, it just feels… disgusting? But not in like a gorey way like I imagine they wanted.


I imagine they have a bluray with no censorship…..? I really don’t know, but it’s so god damn blaring that it’s hard to see any of the stuff that is going on.

Voice Acting and Fetishes

So I’m not going to talk about the voice acting in general, but instead the girl, particularly when she’s ‘eating out’ her brother. It sounds so fucking sexual man. So what are the fetishes we have here… incest and gore? Fucking hell.

Episode 6

This episode is like a great embodiment of the show, at least in my eyes. As I said before, the majority of episodes start with some kind of narration. But this episode just has the girl say “onii-chan” from the beginning til the end in a sort of sexual tone, with her voice echoing. I swear, if you cut part of this episode’s audio where she’s repeating “onii-chan” and the guy grunting in the background, someone will think it’s just some hardcore porn. The entire episode is just her eating her brother’s guts. Now to some people that will sound disgusting, and to some people that will sound hilarious(ly bad). And yet when you watch the episode, it’s not particularly that gorey, and not just because of the censorship. It’s just… boring.

Episode 12

Wha….. what????

I strongly encourage anyone who has not seen Pupa to watch just this episode. Skip the opening, it’s 30 seconds long. You will be shocked, for all the wrong reasons. I promise you that you will feel some kind of emotion that is not disgust.

Final Impressions and Overall Stance

Recently I’ve been feeling sick a lot, but wasn’t able to actually get the vomit out of my system. It really troubled me until today! Now I just fire up Pupa and can throw up easily! Thank you Pupa! 

10/10 Masterpiece!

Hidamari Journal Year 2 January 11th: First Episode

Hidamari sketch journal is a watch along where the two of us watch the Hidamari Sketch series in chronological order on the actual dates that the episodes are supposed to be on. Today’s episode was on Jan 11th, so we’re watching it today, on Jan 11th!

Feel free to join us in this watch along by following the spreadsheet and read our post afterwards! 

Left: Jun
Right: Edy

Year 2 January 11th

Season 1: Episode 1

Summary: Yuno wakes up from her bed to go to school with Miyako. At school, she realizes that she forgot to do her homework. During lunch, she runs back to her home to complete her assignment using pictures of Yoshinoya Sensei she received in her mailbox. Miyako and Yuno play with the snow piled up and enjoy their time at Hiro’s room afterwards.

It’s the first episode ever!! Recently during this massive rewatch of Hidamari Sketch, I’ve been noticing that I don’t really remember the content of the episodes. But this time, I actually remembered! I don’t think this episode is that significant apart from being the first episode of Hidamari Sketch, so I’m not sure why it stuck with me. There’s far more visually impressive episodes from the first season, and more interesting plots and interactions that come up later on. I guess the first episode really does leave some kind of impression, even after this many rewatches. 

I definitely remembered this episode the most. Though I think that the reason why I remembered this episode the most was because I attempted to rewatch Hidamari Sketch multiple times before but stopped immediately after the first episode for different reasons. 

Speaking of first impressions, despite being the first episode, we can see some Shaft things that make Hidamari Sketch unique. 

Yuno’s collage that she does for her homework is a bizarre mix of pictures and drawings, making a bizarre yet stylistic piece of visual work. It helps that Yuno’s an art student, so this kind of ‘weird artistic thing’ matches. 

What definitely hooked me when I first watched this show was exactly this type of funky visuals. Other than Yuno’s collage, the teddy bear in her room at the start, her alarm, Miyako’s desk, amongst others all were substituted with real pictures rather than animated drawings. I think I mentioned in previous posts that this was Shaft’s unique “no money style” but I think it really shows up the most in the first season. 

Also, from the first episode, they introduce the bestest of best girl! Very adorable and gives a really nice impression. She repeats some lines that she said last episode(chronologically), and gives off a childish and carefree atmosphere.

Shortly after, Yuno goes to ask her for a really short extension on her homework, and naturally you expect her to say yes, since it’s a short extension and most teachers in anime are nice. But Yoshinoya-sensei breaks your expectation and says ‘no’ in the most carefree and cute way ever, it’s really funny and a great introduction to the best girl of Hidamari Sketch.

My favorite moment from the scene was with Miyako near the end of the episode. Miyako writes “Love and Piece” instead of “Love and Peace” in her snow footprint made art without knowing the english properly. It was pretty funny when Miyako was trying to think of excuses for why she wrote Love and Piece when Sae pointed it out to her. I think it was a great way to set up the type of comedy that Hidamari Sketch has along with give the perfect klutzy character that Miyako has.

I think this is a perfect first episode to set up the viewers. It goes through the “alarm – school – table talk – bath” sequence that happens in Hidamari 9/10 times while showing how that sequence can be so entertaining. All the characters — including Jun’s favorite Yoshinoya Sensei — were given a good introduction to their characters and the aesthetics really showcased what the rest of the show would be like. 

That’s about it for this episode. At this point, most of the good things about the show as a whole kind of repeats making us run out of things to say every episode without being repetitive. Stay tuned for January 31st’s post!

Hidamari Journal Year 2 January 10th

Hidamari sketch journal is a watch along where the two of us watch the Hidamari Sketch series in chronological order on the actual dates that the episodes are supposed to be on. Today’s episode was on Jan 10th, so we’re watching it today, on Jan 10th!

Feel free to join us in this watch along by following the spreadsheet and read our post afterwards! 

Left: Jun
Right: Edy

Year 2 January 10th

Season 2: Episode 13

Summary: The main four come back to Hidamari Sou after spending the new years with their family. They talk about what they did during new years then proceed to visit the temple. On their way they visit Yoshinoya-sensei’s home to invite her to the temple with them. 

This was a really incredible episode because one of the best characters also known as Yoshinoya-sensei was featured for more than 20 seconds(though…. It was kind of close.)

This episode was the normal “Hidamari-like” episode. Most of the episode was centered around a table conversation between the characters of which were made great by the characters as usual. 

Yeah. Though I feel like we say in every post that the episode was very hidamari like. Another thing that’s quite hidamari-like about this episode is about how we hear the characters talk about what they did instead of actually seeing it. It’s one of the things about the show that I think sort of makes it unique and gives it a bit of charm, especially when it’s a once-in-a-while thing. But considering how there’s such a lack of scenes in the entire three seasons where we get to  see characters other than Yuno outside of interactions with the main cast, it makes you feel like you’d rather see what they’re talking about rather than just hearing about it. 

I think Shaft really does a good job making scenes that could be considered fairly boring exposition interesting through different background effects, character expressions, or icons that pop out at the back. Rather than keeping their characters in the setting of the conversation, the show frequently shows a zoomed in shot of them with different background effects along with a ringing.

As a person who is very aesthetically oriented, seeing interesting visuals that are drawn differently every time sync well with the atmosphere of the scene or the dialogue is so pleasant to watch. Of course the “wide” faces that the show is known for also really help emphasize the different facial expressions from different reactions by characters during normal conversations. 

One thing that’s different about this episode to most is that we actually got to see every character in the show pop up, even if just for a short while. It was nice seeing Natsume, yoshinoya-sensei, and the landlord and a glimpse of how they spent their new years.

Yeah, with the episode being the last one of the season they did really well wrapping out the two seasons by touching upon all the relevant characters. The way they ended the episode with the main cast + Yoshinoya Sensei singing the first season opening was very nice too.

There were some very cute shots at the end of the episode that showed each of the characters and then there was a final one with all of them. They all had like different colors that complemented the hair color and it was really nice.

Oh, and right after that there was an extra long bath scene featuring all four members of the main cast.

That’s about it for this episode, but we have another coming up tomorrow! Stay tuned for January 11th’s post!

Trinity Seventh Heaven Episode 7~12: End of Hell

Summary by Edy: Headmaster loses to the blond since he wants to look at her breasts. They beat the blonde. Some school destroyed. They get trapped in school. Guy’s cousin was evil. New Grimoire best girl. Guy becomes demon lord and loses power. Cousin comes to kill him. Some of trinity seven come to help. Cousin goes to school. Ninja fights some random sword girl on Cousin’s side. Headmaster does nothing. Ninja lose. Blonde goes to Blonde report’s body. Everyone comes back. They win anticlimactically. Lilith and the guy go on a date.

*Summary may not be in order because I don’t remember very well. 

Summary by Jun: some boring shit happened and then a nice date at the end.

I really hope that no one who genuinely likes Trinity Seven reads our posts, since after jokingly stating that we would cover episodes 7 to 12 last post, we actually finished the show in one go.

Actually when I put it like that, it sounds like Edy and I actually  really enjoyed the show. But I’d say it was closer to trying to get it over with. Anyways, it’s over! A lot of shit happened but it was generally pretty shit and I’d like to get it behind me, so maybe Edy can talk about it so I’ll leave that stuff to him or the void. 

To sum up my opinions on the show, I thought it was pretty bad. The first 5ish episodes were fun with the light slice of life episode stuff but once it got to the action, it was just boring. Every scene felt so clumsy done, nothing really connected and made sense, the animation looked pretty awful. But I will say, watching this together with someone laughing about it was probably what made it good enough to finish.

Yep yep, would’ve dropped this show ages ago if it weren’t for the meme and you.

Few parts I still have questions about to wrap it up. First, the headmaster. He acted like he was like the strongest guys in the whole show, which he probably is or something, but he never does anything. He always complains “oh I have to pay for damage” and then ends up just watching his school’s window get destroyed every time. In that ending scene, he was with that curly pink hair girl but he suddenly disappeared without even resisting what is the “ultimate weapon” against the guy.

I think Lilith said before something about it being on purpose? I don’t really know, if you’re curious you can read the manga Edy! 🙂

Second, the show gave a lot of hints to things that weren’t revealed. For example was why the blue hair girl looks so much like the cousin. They made it seem like some important plot point at the start since they focused on how they looked alike and stuff but they didn’t even mention it at all after episode 3. I’m sure it’s important later in the manga, but they should have at least touched upon it. The guy also gets two grimoires but the second one isn’t even shown in the transformation scene at the end (probably because they reused all the transformation scenes) Any other issues you had?

Nope. No issues at all, this show is really really good. (super serious face)

One thing that happened was that the grimoire girl actually turned into a loli, like she was in episode 1! She says herself that she thought that Arata would enjoy being like that more, so I’m not exactly sure why she wasn’t like that in the first place…. Wouldn’t she be more marketable that way too? I’m speaking in both terms of the plot and the creator’s perspective. Well, who gives a shit. Anyway, she was pretty cute and I was thinking maybe she’s best girl since she’s voiced by Kugimiya Rie and all and she doesn’t end her sentences with っス like a fucking idiot, but then an even cuter grimorie girl came out. She didn’t talk much too, so in conclusion of all the waifu discussions I’ve begun with Edy in the last Trinity Seven posts, I have come to believe that the best girl is…..

That grimoire girl who’s name I can’t remember!!!!!(I’ll have a photo on the top so it’ll be okay.)

It’s pretty hilarious since as soon as the grimoire girl spoke like one like Jun immediately started to decrease the likability for her. But I kind of agree since the writing in this show is so bad. Most of the lines are pretty hard to bear. So the less they talk, the more cute they seem.

What else is there to say….

Oh right, the last episode. It was pretty funny, the flow/obvious prediction after things were getting ‘hyped up(if you could use such words to describe a show like Trinity Seven)’ was that the fight wouldn’t end so soon, but then…. It just… ended.

Which all things considered, was not just funny due to how anticlimactic it was, but made my like the show more since I didn’t have to bear with the stupid ass actions scenes that this show loved giving us. 

Yeah. I distinctly remember saying “ah there’s still 10 minutes left in the show, she’s gonna absorb it or something.” But nope, it actually just ended in that blow.

Instead, the last 10 minutes of the show is basically a date between Arata and Lilith.

Now, before I go on I will say that it was relatively clear that Lilith was supposed to be one of the show’s strongest pushes as the waifu character. That being said, throughout the entire show I felt that the creators pushed the other characters more as they had much more highlights and were the center of attention in each arc. Like Levi got her own action scenes especially in the end, and Yui got a lot of attention with a bunch of arcs that I can’t be fucked to recite.

Anyway anyway, Lilith on the other hand, basically was never the center of attention for anything. She was always THERE, I guess, doing her stupid tsukkomis that the other characters would occasionally point out that she was so good at, but… that was basically it. We never saw her even fight, we never saw her like motivations or whatever, she basically just got shy occasionally and pissy at Arata for groping other girls and stuff.

And yet, they chose Lilith to be the center of attention for the final date in the last 10 episodes of Trinity Seven. .


Well, I guess that’s fine. It was pretty nice. Not incredible. To put it in perspective it, the show itself with all the stupid memes aside is probably something along the lines of a weak to solid 3/10. The 10 minute date on the other hand is probably like a 5, maybe a 6, especially on the back of the creators of Trinity Seven cutting the dumbass action scenes short(I mean that as a positive). So the scene itself isn’t that great, but in comparison to the rest of the show it was a pretty nice conclusion. 

I definitely agree. The show itself, without any of the memes, isn’t like a show that I would finish to the end. Hence why I didn’t on my first watch. But regardless, I enjoyed writing about it and going through everything making fun of the show.

Wow. I mean it is a conclusion post so I guess it’s natural to write a decent amount, but I ended up writing a lot more than I intended or expected to. Though the majority of it ended up being about the last episode….

What else, what else….


I guess

There isn’t anything?

I talked about waifus… that’s like everything there is to talk about…

Oh yeah, there is a movie. Two actually, I recently found out. They’re not even like summary movies. They’re actual sequels! Hurrah! For the record, we are not going to make a post about them.

Thanks for sticking along this shit show journey!

Hidamari Journal Year 1: Christmas

Hidamari sketch journal is a watch along where the two of us watch the Hidamari Sketch series in chronological order on the actual dates that the episodes are supposed to be on. Today’s episode was on December 24th, so we’re watching it today, on December 24th!

Feel free to join us in this watch along by following the spreadsheet attached and read our post afterwards! 

Left: Jun
Right: Edy

December 24, 25

Season 1: Episode 12

Summary: Sae’s little sister, Chika, comes to see everyone in Hidamari Sou. Chika and Sae have an EXTREME BATTLE because Sae refused to give Chika her autograph. After Chika leaves early(after being wounded from the ultimate fight between her and Sae), everyone in Hidamari Sou goes shopping. When they come home, they discuss what it feels like to be living alone referring to Chika saying she aspires to live alone. Hiro finds out that Sae actually gave Chika her autograph while we was asleep.

The final episode of season 1! Unfortunately for us we’ve still got a few episodes from the first season to go through, so we’ll have to bear with these visuals for a while longer.

That being said, there definitely were some cute close ups of the characters.

If I remember correctly, this is the first episode that Chika comes out, and despite the lackluster art style of the first season I think she was really cute.

It helps that she’s voiced by Kugimiya Rie, who has a really distinctive and often adorable voice. I know that Edy for one is a big fan of her.

Yeah Kugimiya Rie has a really cute voice. The only problem is that she gives me Toradora PTSD.

Also, we got to see Yoshinoya-sensei this episode!!!!

Not much more you could ask for, really. She was as childish and excited as ever, dressing up as female santa. 

It goes without saying that the part with Yoshinoya-sensei was my favorite from this episode, but if I had to say my second favorite scene, it would be the conversation that the main four had together in the dark. 

It wasn’t really the fact it was revealed that Sae had actually given her sister the signature she wanted, but it was just the relaxed atmosphere as they discussed trivial things and what they were going to do during the Winter break. It’s essentially what you keep coming back for when you’re rewatching Hidamari Sketch, that calming mood with the light music in the background, besides the creative visuals from Shaft(and of course, Yoshinoya-sensei. But I guess there’s no need to say that because of how obvious it is).

That’s definitely my favorite part of Hidamari. A lot of the time they end the episode with this type of conversation on the table with Hiro’s food. I think this really feels like a summary of the whole episode. Chika was talking about how she was envious of how the four are living alone, while the end of the episode reflects on how it doesn’t really feel like the four are living alone because they have each other. Parts like the fight that they had. They also are talked about in a very reflective manner at the end. 

Although I really enjoyed this episode, I think I may have ended up enjoying it even more if I actually watched it during Christmas. This post should be going up on December 25, but edy and I watched and are currently writing this post on December 22nd, since he’ll be busy on Christmas. 

Oh, and there was a slideshow of some images where the main 4 were playing together in the snow and being themselves. Really nice and added to the atmosphere while the music faded out.

My favorite moment in the episode was probably in the shop where they were talking about what different objects reminded them of each other. I had a pretty good laugh at how Sae was talking about how the sunflower suits Miyako’s image and told her to come for dinner.

Well, I think that’s about it for this episode. 

Merry Christmas everyone, and see you on the next post on January 10th, the first episode of Year 2!

Trinity Seventh Heaven Episode 5 and 6: Boring Battle and more

Ep 5: Best start. Yui best girl. Someone broke the windows!! Twin of blonde becomes demon lord!?!?
Ep 6: Passionate Kiss and headteacher something something battle

*Two episodes were combined since we didn’t really have much to talk about and we didn’t feel the worth blogging them separately


Lots of things have happened in the last two episodes and it definitely feels less slice of life than the previous ones.

Yet, maybe it’s because they just stand out more, it feels like there are more groping/ecchi scenes than ever before.

We also got more variety of fanservice other than just naked bodies and groping scenes with a kiss scene between the bad girl and MC

I think my favorite part about the ecchi scenes was how the characters all had their hands up to censor their nipples while they were completely naked on the battlefield in like the most serious situation.

Yeah, for Lilith it makes sense but it’s really uncharacteristic for others like the blue hair and white hair

Other than that, that battle scene with the demon girl had so many questionable writing choices. The ninja girl teleporting suddenly after being beaten by the blonde girl like 4 minutes ago, the guy just standing around, almost trying to get kissed by the girl, or the short blonde standing around at the start until she had enough power to stop the attack with no explanation just to name a few.

Yeah. The ‘training’ that Arata goes through is also pretty lazy, the short blonde even says herself that “since there is no time we will just get your latent powers out” and we see that the guy has some new dragon power in the next episode preview.

Also this connects with what we talked about a bit in the last post, but again we see mentions of Arata being told to use magic and perhaps he is using magic(?) during the training he does with tall black hair. It feels really sudden and I feel like it would’ve been better if they actually introduced more things related to the magic in this world, instead of throwing out words like ‘thema’ and relating it to characters’ personalities and stuff. But oh well, it’s trinity seven. I’m not sure why I’ve written an entire paragraph about non-waifu related things….

The match between the headmaster guy and the blond twintail bad girl was pretty hilarious as well. Well I guess it’s not much of a fight scene since the headmaster guy was just standing around while the blondy did some stuff. 

What are you talking about??? He took his glasses off!

I’m sure Edy’s favorite waifu this week is the headmaster, but I’d like to talk about the others

Ayaneru’s character had a lot of scenes in these last two episodes, but uhhhhhhhh Trinity Seven’s action scenes suck ass so her likability has arguably gone down. That said she is voiced by Sakura Ayane, so she can’t be that unlikable.

Yui definitely became my favorite character in episode 5. She’s just completely dere to the guy. It’s a pretty generic push for characters to get popular but the way Yui act’s in a way that’s obviously intended to be as cute as possible (calling the guy “onii-chan,” hugging his arms the whole time, “you can do anything you want with me”) was sadly pretty nice. 

Pretty funny seeing her play the violin, I wonder if they will ever explain that beyond “it’s her healing magic, or something” 

Deres are pretty common in this show though, the blue hair is definitely dere as well. The ninja girl too arguably.

That’s all we have. Honestly the actions scenes are more serious and less stupid compared to the slice of life stuff so ironically there’s less stuff to talk about when they actually get in to the plot. 

Yeah, and they’re really shit so neither of us want to talk about them either.

Well, see you next time for episode 7 and maybe 8-12.

Hidamari Journal Year 1 December 10th

Hidamari sketch journal is a watch along where the two of us watch the Hidamari Sketch series in chronological order on the actual dates that the episodes are supposed to be on. Today’s episode was on December 10th, so we’re watching it today, on December 10th!

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Season 3 Episode 3 Part two

Summary: Yuno meets Sae in a bookstore. We see Yuno talking about the magazine which Sae’s novels are published on and Sae getting flustered because they sold well. Afterwards, in a cafe, Sae and Yuno discuss what they want to do for college as Sae explains that she has yet to decide whether she wants to do literature or art. At the end of the episode, Yuno talks to Miyako about her discussion with Sae while Sae talks to Hiro about her discussion with Yuno.

Like last time, this was a half-episode. But before it was about 15 minutes long, while this episode was bordering 7. So there’s no helping that this one did feel very short, but I think it ends pretty satisfyingly with the bath scene. There’s something about the BGM there that really wraps things up and makes me want to watch another episode.

We watched episodes from Season 1 and 2 in the previous ones, so visually, it was a huge jump. The episode is really stylistically different from the first two seasons but in a very good way. Everything feels a lot more cleaner, the texture is a lot softer for the atmosphere, but the Shaft aesthetics are still there. It almost felt like more modern Shaft shows like recent Monogatari episodes or Madoka visually.

Yeah, I definitely agree. From hoshimitsu, Hidamari surprisingly becomes a visually appealing show. Something you don’t really expect from the first two seasons, not to mean any disrespect to the previous seasons. They had a lot of charm, but the art was not the main appeal to say the least. I’m not informed on art enough or observative enough to be able to point out exactly what’s been done, but even with the same character designs, what used to be slightly awkward and borderline unappealing characters are now really cute and aesthetically pleasing with a lot of personality. 

The show had a lot of funny moments I liked. Yuno holding stocks related books to transition into the bummer with her sitting in front of computers was pretty funny. Miyako talking about how she has zero plans for the future in a happy manner is so Miyako-like. Though Jun did expect her to say “dinner” I think her saying it will end up someway or another was pretty funny especially the way they transitioned into that with Yuno worrying about it. A lot of puns in the episode that were sadly mistranslated by the subs.

Yeah, it’s a shame about the subs. It doesn’t really matter for us since we could understand it, but I think on my first watch I probably missed some of them. I can remember in the past being confused about what being “sweet” was before. Though I definitely can’t blame the subbers, translating subtitles, especially for a large amount like anime subbers gets boring after a while and becomes more and more of a monotonous task and you begin to care a lot less for each individual line that you translate. To whatever group made the fansubs for this episode, I give you my deepest respect as well as condolences.

 My favorite subs this episode when they made literature school “Lit school”.

Other than that the episode had a pretty sentimental moment at the end with Sae disappointed that she showed her childish side while Yuno and Miyako admire her. I really like how Hidamari Sketch does this. It really feels more than a normal cute girls show. These girls are constantly thinking of what they want to do in college or their dreams. It really makes the show more nostalgic and realistic considering that they are highschoolers.

Yeah, though Sae and Yuno’s trouble is more relatable now, and it makes me no feel good 😦 

This girl also came up, and since we’re watching in chronological order, I’m hoping that the next episode will feature her ^^

This was the shortest episode so far, so there’s no helping that there isn’t much to say.

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Trinity Seventh Heaven Ep 4: Finally some progress??

Summary by Jun : It’s the one with the white hair being kidnapped and they’re like noooooooo dont kill her bo bo and then the black hair like uses wind move and then they’re like nooo my skirt and then the super move just ends. And then the guy kills the super dragon immediately 

Summary by Edy: Everyone is sleeping for some reason. Yui is about to wake up!!! Super powerful women. Dark ugly demons. Can’t use guns any more. Ninja girl cool. Dragon shadow thing in Yui’s room. “Strongest thing” Temporary truth for the two. To save hijiri. Use Lilith’s spell but can turn into a monster like that dragon. I am not scared! Make a book like a gun. Used guns to beat the strongest thing.  

I think this episode is arguably the one that’s most packed with story and content, and yet it’s the episode that I’m least excited to write about. Maybe this is why the previous episode started with a beach episode instead….

So there were some dragons and monsters and stuff, but let’s first talk about the scene in the dark, where mc accidentally gropes Lilith. 

Yeah I thought that scene was hilariously bad. Since for the audience the room is really bright so we can see everything. But the main characters who have magical powers can’t see anything and end up being groped. It’s one of the worst things cinematographically seen in my life.

Cinematography? You’re talking about cinematography for a show like Trinity Seven??

Putting technical aspects and whatever aside, these kind of scenes is more of what I expected Trinity Seven to be like. Random groping scenes came up like once last episode, but they were more frequent this time. Personally I’m not a fan of them, but there seems to be a lot of them in Ecchi Anime for some reason

As I wrote on “the appeal of ecchi shows” (hyperlink) I find them extremely hilarious. But man the way they do these are so bad. Though I did see the best thing I saw the day I watched this episode: Yui. She’s so cute.

Because she’s a loli?

No, but I’ll say she is the perfect anime girl for the type of people that would be watching a show like this: complete derederes that call the main character “onii-chan.” In the next episode preview we see her clinging on to the main character with the blue hair so I’m excited to see what dumb harem things they will do in the next episode.

Sure, but she’s the best girl for you since she’s a loli, right?


I think the thing that I remember most about this episode was when there suddenly starts to be a hype up about how strong Levi is going to be, and someone says she’s in like the top 5 or something.

And then the main characters meet up with blondie and black hair, and then they prepare to fight each other

And then ninja girl says something about executing thema and there’s like this cool wind going around her

And we’re like oh shit, what’s her power going to be??

But then it turns into a panty shot,

The opponent girl gets embarrassed, and then everyone just runs away and the fight scene ends.

Was that her thema??
Skirt flipping???

Anyway that scene was pretty funny, whether it was intended to be so or not.

We then see the guy finally create his gun after the tremendous struggles he went through for the episode. It was pretty hilarious how the guy starts doing these chants that we never see him doing previously. Jun and I immediately wondered if the guy was learning behind the scenes or something because of how sudden the change from knowing nothing to doing these long chains of chants.

Yeah. I’m never really that big of a fan of timeskips since we miss out on witnessing the characters grow, but a line thrown in about how it’s been a while since the last episode or how the MC has learnt some actual magic and stuff would’ve made the scene a little less “haha what the fuck?”

Another hilarious thing about this episode was when they said the dragon is the strongest of these shadow monsters. We are on episode 4 and the guy just unlocked his gun thing and he ends up beating it up in one gun shot. At least we know exactly how the rest of the show will go on now in action scenes…

But putting all the complaining that I’ve done aside,

In this scene I got to hear Ayaneru voicing shitty eroge sound effects, so all things said, I think this episode was very worth watching.

Oh, and this was the episode with Shavadava in Amazing.


Stay tuned for episode 5~