Chapter a week 6: The Abnormalities

Chapter a week is a story that’s updated once a week, but the writer continuing the story alternates every time. This serves as mainly a biweekly creative outlet for us where we try to improve our writing, but it also allows us to have fun with each other since we don’t have a story planned. Enjoy!

In the starry night skies, thousands of disfigured corpses filled the silent field of Washington. Although this was a slight which most would be left traumatized by, it wasn’t for Nodaka Asumi. 

“Shit, I got blood stains on my clothes…”

Unlike other detectives, Nodaka never knew she had it. In her highschool days, she thought she was just a stronger-than-normal girl. Of course, it was a lot more abnormal than she knew was normal, but she didn’t care as long as it didn’t bother her. In fact, her strength was more helpful than not. It helped her excel in the detective’s school for elites to quickly get a spot in one of Japan’s top agencies. However, once she was able to awaken her Instincts, she rose faster than anyone, eventually being deployed to the US.

The Washington GA case was the 5th case that Nodaka Asumi worked with throughout the 4 years in the US. Although not many know about the events, due to the extreme measures that were put in to hide the case and its aftermath, it is known amongst those who know as one of the most brutals endings to a case ever. It wasn’t as though Nodaka Asumi was not successful in solving the case, in fact she solved the case perfectly. However, her solving the case resulted in the deaths of all 35 individuals that were suspects or related with them. Completely crushed bodies, all in a restricted field in washington. Her reason for killing all of them are still only known to figures that were directly related with the case.

Although this case put Nodaka Asumi amongst the names of the greatest detectives in the world, she, for some reasons, resigned immediately after the end of the Washington GA case. Upon hearing the news, Yosana Miyuki, sent an email to Nodaka Asumi. This was when Yuzuriha Agency was created.


When I arrived on the first floor, I saw even more bodies than I did below.

“Was this Casino this popular?” I asked Kushieda who slowly walked in front of me. “I mean I didn’t even know this place existed and this place isn’t like a big city.”

“Well it is fairly popular. There aren’t really many gambling places in Tokyo so the nearest place that people come to is here. This place is pretty luxurious and all too.” Kushieda responded to my question and she slowly stopped walking. “But it is hard to see this many people here… anyways, here is Yamamoto Keiichi.”

I looked through the body of Yamamoto Keiichi. Unlike Kushieda, who seemed perfectly normal looking at the courses that laid everyone on the floor, I still couldn’t bear the smell or look of dead bodies. I felt as though I could throw up any second looking straight into these dead bodies.

Most of the bodies on the floor had similar wounds. A clean stab that cut through the body, randomly placed a few times on the body. Yamamoto Keiichi’s body, however, looked beat up. There weren’t any sharp looking stabs. Just multiple red and purple wounds on his skin. 

“Kushieda, why does his body look more… like… beat up?”

“Oh you caught on! You weren’t as stupid as Asumi said you were,” Kushieda responded as she laughed.

“It stands out way too much! How can anyone not notice!” I yelled in anger.

“Well anyways, this is probably Asumi. The only problem is that it doesn’t look that beat up.”

“He looks beat up enough for me,” I said as I titled my face towards Yamamoto Keiichi. “Well I guess it’s hard to tell that he is dead.”

“Oh he isn’t dead. I think he’s just unconscious.”

“Huh? Did you call the ambulance then?”

“No? He is like our only clue. We can’t have the ambulance snatch him away. Don’t worry, we can just bring him with us; we know a lot of doctors that are more capable.”

I checked Yamamoto Keiichi’s body again, more closely, this time to realize that he was breathing slightly.

“Anyways, as I said, this was probably done by Asumi. I mean, I don’t think there would be anyone that’s capable enough to beat up Yamamoto Keiichi here. If there was someone like that, we would have either seen another beat up body, from Asumi, and Asumi wouldn’t have been so relaxed without a scratch as you said. Since he wasn’t completely beat up, Asumi probably left him alive as some kind of clue for us.” Kushieda explained. “I slapped him a few times but he didn’t wake up so I’m waiting right now.”

It was then when I heard a faint whisper coming from Yamamoto Keiichi. I wasn’t able to hear the voice, but Kushieda’s face started getting darker the moment she heard it.

“Oh man,” Kushieda said as she bit her nails. “Risa, call Natsuki right now. We have to go to the old man right now.”

Natsuki was the receptionist and researcher for Yuzuriha Agency. Although she was a part of the Agency, she never really did that much work. Most of the cases go directly to the president.

Research work, which was her expertise, was the reason why she was hired into the Agency. But most of the detectives in the agency were too skilled that they either didn’t need to find anything else for the case or they just did the research themselves. Because of this, she slowly transitioned into the receptionist of the agency that almost no one in the world knows how to get in contact with.

“Hah… these detectives are way too good.” 

So when she heard that a new intern joined, she was happy to find someone more normal that she might be able to help. Unfortunately the only help that she gave Risa was to tell her that Nodaka was at a Mahjong tournament. 

As she was sitting down playing games on her phone pondering about her status in the agency, she got a call from Kushieda.

“Hello? Kushieda?” Natsuki said as she picked up her phone. It wasn’t often that she received a phone call from a detective, not to mention the hot headed Kushieda. 

“Natsuki, I need you to research an individual named Risu Johoon right now. I’ll tell you more details later” Kushieda said with a rushed and serious voice. 

“Huh? What the hell is…” Responded Natsuki as she was quickly cut off by the beeping noises of the phone.

While Natsuki was a little annoyed that she was getting treated like this, she was rather happy that she finally got some type of job. 

“Time to finally display my skills, fufu,” Natsuki said as she rolled up her sleeves and turned on her computer. 

“How many times do I have to say, I didn’t do it,” yelled Nodaka Asumi, clinging on to the jail bars, as she answered the questions that the police officer has given her.

“Yeah, yeah that’s what they all say,” said the police man as he typed on to the computer monitor in front of him. 

After being arrested by the police, Asumi was moved to a police station situated around 40 minutes away from the Klar Casino. During the time in the car, she organized her thoughts about what happened and the unnatural events that followed with the police. 

From her memories, the attack happened as she was easily taking chips from Yamamoto Keiichi. She heard a loud scream come from the floor below. Little by little, people started to faint with blood coming from their guts. While everyone was panicking, Asumi quickly rushed to put Yamamoto Keiichi, who was rather confused about the situation, to sleep. While she wasn’t completely sure, the only one that she knew, on the spot, that was capable of doing something like this was Yamamoto Keiichi. However, even though Yamamoto Keiichi was unconscious, the deaths continued to happen. The strange thing, however, was that, although many were dying left and right, it didn’t seem to affect Asumi. To put a stop to this as fast as possible, Asumi ran around to find the culprit, but to no avail. In the end, Asumi was the only one alive, other than Yamamoto Keiichi, who was still unconscious, and the caller, who reportedly was in the toilet. 

Then she laid out some of the unnatural things she saw about the arrest. First, She found it extremely strange that those police officers arrested Asumi immediately. Although it was understandable why she was a suspect, as she was the only one there, it was even more strange that they didn’t even consider arresting Risa. The reason why she only called Risa was because she saw the chance that the police would appear. By bringing Risa who was unknown compared to any of the detectives, I thought that she would be able to easily escape being a suspect. This would have let Asumi send messages to other people in the agency since she was a direct witness. Even if she were to stay in jail, Asumi thought that it wouldn’t have mattered too much since Risa doesn’t help with cases. But strangely enough they just let her go for basically no reason. The fact that Risa even said that she’s related with her should have given the police more reason to arrest her. However, to Nodaka, it almost seemed like they panicked after they saw Risa. The way that they quickly dismissed her seemed awfully uncanny.

There was also the caller, the only other person that was able to survive what happened in the casino. If Risa was smart she should immediately start finding things about the caller. But Risa being Risa, Nodaka doubted that she was going to do anything of that sort. All she hoped was that someone else in the agency finds out about the caller and does something.

But to Nodaka, the strangest was the time it took for the police to arrive. The casino didn’t have any police stations nearby. The closest one also did not have the facilities or man to properly monitor a big case such as this. And the way that the police officers were awfully casual when driving towards the station that she was being taken to, it would be the most sensible to see that they are going to and came from the bigger police station that was fifty or so minutes away. The problem was this time. 

The attack and the screaming of the victims last for around twenty minutes or so. I messaged Risa almost immediately. Because of this, she was able to arrive ten or so minutes after the attack ended. The police, however, arrived almost as Risa arrived. The timing felt way too unnatural. Nodaka saw three possible cases that could have happened. 

One, the police was near the area and was dispatched to the area. This felt a little off since that would mean that they stationed only five police officers to a mass murder cases. 

Two, the police were from the smaller police station closer to the casino. In this scenario, it is highly likely that they were dispatched in small numbers because they didn’t know how serious the case was. The problem, however, was the fact that they acted extremely naturally, without shock, to the numerous dead bodies on the floor. Even if they were used to courses, the first response should have been to alert the station on the situation.

Finally, three. The police knew that this was going to happen and were stationed in the area. The problem with this is the ten minute time difference between the end of the attack and time difference. There wasn’t a reason for the police to wait ten minutes for the attack to end. If they were trying to get me arrested from the start, they should have not hesitated for a moment. It is also possible that they entered after seeing Risa enter. If they thought that she was someone else, it makes sense why they would check Risa immediately. 

Whichever it was, the police were the first mystery that she was keeping her eye on. When she arrived in the jail cell in the station, she continued to scan the area for anything suspicious. It was then when she saw an old man walk towards her.

“Nodaka Asumi, detective, gambling addict, known as the savior of the case, and most notably the killer that wiped out hundreds in Washington GA. Nice to meet you,” said an old man that walked towards the cell that Asumi was in as he placed his hand inside the cell.

“If it isn’t Ito Satosushi. I really enjoyed the sushi that I ate last week with the money that you lost in the Mahjong tournament.” Nodaka said with a smug face as she slapped the hand in the jail cell.

“Quite a greeting huh. Well you aren’t going to get another chance for that sushi anytime soon.”

“Huh cause you are gonna die of age soon?” Nodaka responded as she started laughing by herself. 

“Anyways, I need to get out of here. You obviously should know that I didn’t do any of the things in the casino. You already know I didn’t do any of the killing. You saw the bodies there right? My abilities can’t make any of those precise cuts. It’s more like BANG BANG!! WAHH!! DEAD DEAD!” You know?” Asumi said as she stood up to do punching motions.

“Well yes. But there was one body that was completely crushed. Seems very like the bodies that were in Washington.”

Nodaka was confused. She didn’t remember seeing a body that was crushed not to mention she didn’t even touch anyone. She did look around to find the culprit but all she saw were knifes flying around stabbing through the those who were screaming

With a smile, Ito Satoshi crouched forward as he looked down towards the short standing Asumi Nodaka. Watching the startled Asumi, he started to whisper.

“I know everything that happened and you won’t be getting out for a while.”

It was at that moment Nodaka realized exactly what was going on.

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