Chapter a week: Prologue

Chapter a week is a story that’s updated once a week, but the writer continuing the story alternates every time. This serves as mainly a biweekly creative outlet for us where we try to improve our writing, but it also allows us to have fun with each other since we don’t have a story planned. Enjoy! 

Prologue: The Yuzuriha Investigation Agency

What stood in front of me, after biking for an hour from home, was a gigantic house-like building: the home of the Yuzuriha Investigation Agency. Sitting at the outskirts of Tokyo, the agency was a rather hidden and unknown group that would only take investigative work with high confidentiality from important personnel. Much like the nearby buildings, the agency had a very worn out exterior. Other than the sheer largeness of the building, it didn’t stand out very much from the location. After picking up a quick breakfast consisting of an egg sandwich and milk from the outcast convenience store used almost exclusively by myself, I headed to the building. Despite the building already being large enough to be the size of a mansion, the entrance of the building followed a long downhill stairway, lit up only by singular lightbulbs on the side. As I opened the door the fifth day at Yuzuriha investigation agency started off. 

Upon entering was a beautiful room. Unlike the worn down exterior, the interior was extremely vast with a modern minimalistic look. Upon entering was a large, square area. The plain white wallpapers and the plain white rugs matched perfectly with the select number of black circular furnitures. In the middle of the room was an uncomfortably high hanging chandelier with a circular wooden table sitting right below it. To be honest the layout of the room, other than the table, looked as though they were scattered randomly. 

But primarily, this room served as a gateway to the rest of the rooms. Each side of the “square” featured a door to the three different rooms — leading to 11 different rooms excluding the entrance. Although the concept seemed bizarre to me at first, due to the sheer vastness of the center room, both in width and height, each room probably had the capacity to be as large as individual two~three story houses. 

Passing by the large table in the middle, I walked slowly into room number 5, the room which sat at 10 o’clock. The room wasn’t actually mine. Being an intern, I did not have a room assigned to myself. Rather I was assigned to a room of my employer, who is a leader of specific cases. Thus, I haven’t actually been to other rooms, nor had many interactions with other leaders of the cases, presumably living in their respective rooms.

The room was lacking in interiors yet it was extremely messy. It was almost like a college student’s rented house. Yet the room was very spacious, featuring two other rooms on the side that were filled with different books. The living room had a large bulletin board with papers stuck on to it along with a large luxurious sofa facing away from the entrance.

Pondering what I should be doing at the moment, I stared at the large antique clock across the room, whereupon I saw that the time was a little past five in the morning.

At that moment slowly rose a beautiful-looking blonde hair from the sofa. 

“Hmmm…’re here” said Nodaka Asumi, my employer, while rubbing her eyes, waking herself up from sleep. 

Nodaka Asumi presumably was the lazy type. After arriving at the agency, I have yet to see her move from her couch other than using the washroom or getting food (which she made me do most of the time.) Seven days ago, I got a mail from the agency, requesting my service for a job. I was to support Nodaka Asumi while she works on an investigation for a case. Being jobless out of university, I was fairly excited to work on an investigation for some mysterious case. The pay was fairly good too. So I accepted the job without much hesitation. Yet up until this day I have yet to hear any information about the case itself. When I spoke to her, she usually ignored me as she blankly stared at the bulletin board for a couple of hours. This may explain why I was the only one working for her when I arrived.

“Hey since you are here, can you get me some juice… All this moving around made me kind of tired” she said as she stared at me standing in front of the entrance. 

“Haven’t you been sleeping this whole time? You haven’t been moving”

“Sure, I wasn’t moving but I was thinking! Sleep is when you are thinking at your most primal state. And rest is also a part of work! You can’t solve a case without rest”

“Huh… well okay. The usual is fine right?” I said as I gave up on trying to argue. Well, I haven’t been doing anything other than delivering food for the last four days so at this point I was actually kind of getting used to this.

“Oh yeah, I remember why I called you here now! We have to go!” she exclaimed as I was walking towards the refrigerator. 

“Huh? You want snacks too?”

“No! We have to leave right now!”

“What?” I asked cluelessly as I was surprised to see her with shoes on for the first time.

“The case! It was five days ago when you joined!

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