Chapter 2 – Cafe Bang

Chapter a week is a story that’s updated once a week, but the writer continuing the story alternates every time. This serves as mainly a biweekly creative outlet for us where we try to improve our writing, but it also allows us to have fun with each other since we don’t have a story planned. Enjoy! 

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Aesthetics over Anything

It seems like when a lot of people say “animation” they are describing visual presentation in anime. The thing is animation and aesthetics or visuals are completely different things. Whereas one describes how well the pictures flow together with cinematography or high frame rate, the other is basically describing how “cool” it looks. 

And while both are very important to anime, I’m a firm believer in Aesthetics being more important than animation or any other aspect of an anime. More than that, I think aesthetics are the aspect that pushes a 9 out of 10 show to a 10 out of 10 masterpiece.

A show I want to point to is Nisemonogatari. This is a show that a lot feel is the weakest of all the monogataris. And I would definitely agree. Nisemonogatari does feel a lot of times like a fan service season. Most of the characters that the season focuses on are all characters that have been briefly introduced yet never talked about previously. But even with these aspects that should make a show boring in normal circumstances, I think the aesthetics itself covers up all of the problems that the show has. Every second in Nisemonogatari you are on the edge of your chair, not because of a tense battle scene, but because you are speechless at how beautiful each frame is. 

Take the Shinobu bath scene. You can see the full display of Shaft’s unique aesthetics. First, you have the hyper-empty room. Shaft directly put the characters as the focus of an exaggeratedly large room. Then you have the colors that kind of look hollow to support that empty feel of the room. Both of these aspects immediately direct the viewer’s attention to the center with the red flower petals and the bright hair of Shinobu. You also see these transparent glass-like materials on the side of the bathroom that just adds to the holy like atmosphere that Shinobu gives throughout the whole scene. 

Even the infamous toothbrush scene. No one will tell you that that scene has good directing, animation, or even say it’s good (unless you are into that stuff) but the visual presentations in the scene are also really unique. Immediately as the toothbrush enters the whole atmosphere turns into this erotic pink. You see each string (?) of the toothbrush flying around beautifully with the music in every direction. My favorite part of this scene is when the camera fans to the monitor. The chair and the background is simplified and you see a video and Karen on the monitor. This single frame that just screams Shaft made me so invested in Nisemonogatari as a show.

But good aesthetics doesn’t have to be a Shaft show. take two shows for examples: Slime Isekai and No Game No Life. Both isekai shows feature the cliche of an overpowering main character. Both are very fun shows. But I enjoyed No Game No Life a lot better than Slime Isekai. And a primary reason to that is No Game No Life’s aesthetics. The world of Disboard is filled with extremely bright and flashy colors. Immediately, as the show starts off with Sora and Shiro being blasted from their dark rooms to Disboard, we are introduced to the world with an explosion of neon-like pink and blue colors. The brightness may seem a little bit blinding but it screams fantasy immediately. The contrast from their dark room with only monitors to light up the room to the brightly shining world of Disboard immediately caught my attention when I watched the show. 

That’s not to say Slime Isekai wasn’t visually pleasing at all. If you look at the cave scene in episode one, the lightly saturated bluish colors of the cave that prevent everything from going pitch black creates a very mysterious atmosphere. I can tell you that I enjoyed that visual presentation a lot more than Arifureta’s almost blinding dark cave. But No Game No Life aesthetics, more than Slime or Arifureta, is very unique. It’s a whole new setting that presents a whole new visual presentation from anything that I’ve really seen in anime. And I truly think that shows like this that can present a unique visual appeal makes it really stand out from the rest of the anime out there. This is exactly why I think shows like Aria, Mushishi, Hidamari Sketch, or Kara No Kyoukai stand way above any other shows in their genre.

You might be thinking aesthetics isn’t the only reason why No Game No Life is better than Slime and why that’s better than Arifureta. And I agree. These examples that I gave are shows that I think are just fundamentally good in other areas as well. After all shows with good aesthetics are useless if all other aspects of the show fail. But to me, a show with great aesthetics, failing on other areas is a lot more refreshing than an okay show with boring visual presentation. Because personally, I’d rather read a pretty art book than a good novel.

My Ultimate Top 5 Cute Girls show list

I adore cute girls shows. Over the last 10 years or so, they have become the staple and norm of anime and they have been dominating the market. Although there may be this negative mindset against these shows because of their repetitiveness, there are a lot of cute girls shows that are a lot more special than others in one way or another. So here are 5 shows that I believe are the 5 best cute girls shows of all time!

Is the Order a Rabbit

ごちうさSS 「意味深なごちうさSS Case5:シャロ」

If you told me to choose the cutest show of all time, I’d say Gochiusa without any hesitation. This show does everything to be cute. It has a unique setting, round character designs, fantastic voice acting, and fun events that rounds out everything. What makes this show really fun to watch is how easy it is to watch even when the show is not funny. In a lot of comedy, slice of life shows, such as Asobi Asobase, are focused on the comedic side so when I can’t necessarily relate to a joke or don’t find the joke funny, it becomes really hard for me to continue. But in Gochiusa, even when the jokes aren’t as funny you still find yourself having fun watching the characters. But more than the anime itself, because of the various events that the show holds and the deluxe cast of voice actors whom I avidly follow, the outside influence of the show makes it almost impossible for you to miss out on the show if you follow voice actors. 


Nichijou!! I love that anime; it's so funny! | 鳥獣戯画, 日常 ...

Nichijou is my favorite comedy of all time. It’s explosive animations, perfect comedic timing, and most importantly Mai trolling are all fantastic. I think what makes Nichijou really different from a lot of these comedies that gets talked about a lot is the exaggeration in animation. But what gets talked about a little less is the characters. The characters in Nichijou are very unique yet they play multiple roles. Usually comedy characters are limited in their roles in shows. For example, there is the boke character and the straight man character. But in nichijou, everyone kind of plays all of these roles. Like how comedy is with friends in real life, Nichijou’s character’s role changes depending on the situations that they have been set up with. For example, you can see Yuuko playing boke yet being the straight man with Mai most of the time. Other than that, the characters are just really fun. Nano and Hakase are both so cute and watching the process of Nano going to school in the middle section is absolutely a blast.


アニメ映画『ARIA The AVVENIRE』(アリア ジ アッヴェニーレ) 特報 ...

Aria is so immersive. Every season of Aria fills you in with the wonders of Neo Venezia. And it’s really apparent how much thought was put into mixing the setting and the characters into this relaxing pot. The show is about Mizunashi Akari, who is training to be an Undine at Neo Venezia. The characters are really fun to be around. Personality wise, they are mostly fairly laid back and relaxed in the very low stakes environment. Akari, especially, has this really bubbly personality where she finds joy in very much mundane aspects of life. And all the characters seem as though they are having a lot of fun in their life. But another huge aspect of the show is the music. I can easily say that the music in Aria is the most relaxing in anime. The instrumental of the show is usually light orchestra or piano music that is really easy to listen to. With the very detailed background along with the cool, clue color palette, the show, both visually and auditorily, gets the viewers to feel like they are sitting in Akari’s gondola. 


けいおん | 注意!サムネイル画像なので1 ... | 京都アニメーション ...

K-on is probably one of the highest regarded cute girls ever, and it is rightfully so. I mean show can you even have a cute girls list without Hokago Tea Time. K-on takes the viewers on a wonderful journey of 3 hours with Yui, Ritsu, Mio, Mugi and Azusa. Although the show does take an omnibus style, the characters grow and develop so much through the 3 years of highschool. The thing is, you can’t really feel this when you watch the show. The show does such a good job making the viewers naturally change with the girls that everything from their jokes to conversations feels like they didn’t change much. But once you go back to season 1 episode 1 after watching the movie, you will immediately be surprised at how much they change just in the way they talk and interact. And by the end you will look back at the emotional rollercoaster and be blown away by the time you spent with these characters.

Hidamari Sketch

Hidamari Sketch is arguably my favorite anime series of all time. Everything about this show is perfect. To list a few: Yuno, Yuno, Yuno, Yunocchi.

On a more serious note, Hidamari Sketch is the most special out of any show in this list because of the visuals. I’d go so far to say that Hidamari Sketch is the most visually pleasing show I have seen in my life. The first two seasons capture the very essence of late 2000 shaft, while the last two seasons have the polish you would expect from recent shaft shows. It might be a little bit jarring at the start because of the art style, but once you get used to it other visual elements like the still life or the background or the patterns become more of the visual focus. Of course, as you’d expect from a cute girls show, Hidamari Sketch also does an excellent job making fun characters for you to watch and hang out with. Other than the main four, who are all very playful and unique in their own ways, the two new characters that join in the 3rd season or the teachers at school are all hilarious characters that make up a lot of the show. 

Chapter a week: 1 “A Convoluted Situation”

Chapter a week is a story that’s updated once a week, but the writer continuing the story alternates every time. This serves as mainly a biweekly creative outlet for us where we try to improve our writing, but it also allows us to have fun with each other since we don’t have a story planned. Enjoy! 

Link to Prologue


“Five–what? What do you mean?” I stumbled. Not only was this my first time really hearing about the case I was supposed to help with, but it was also the first time seeing Nodaka with any sense of urgency or hurry.

“I solved the case! Hah! I’m seriously such a genius.” She grinned. “Hey, today is May 15th right?”

“Yeah, it is.” In response to my answer, Nodaka brightened up even more. “Is there anything special about today? I was actually planning on going to the mahjong tournament today, so if it could wait till tomorr–”

“Exactly! I can’t believe I forgot!” She began waving her hands around in accordance to what she was saying, as if what she was saying was some kind of message from God. “Miyuki put me on this case that I’d be too busy to enter since she knows I’m better than her, but I’ve cracked it in time!” 

“That said, the only problem is actually telling the police who the culprit is.” She then points her finger straight at me. “And that’s where you come in!” At this point, the only emotion I am feeling is confusion. Nodaka begins to jump around the room, picking up socks scattered around the room and putting them on. “I need you to go to Shirakawa and deliver my message to detective Ano.”

“Shirakawa? What? Why?”

“Because that’s where the crime scene is, what do you think?” She crouches down, supposedly having found her other sock. “Stupid intern.” she mumbles, but loudly enough so I could hear.

“Wait, I don’t even know where the crime scene is!” Nodaka turns her head around to face me, and stares at me blankly for a solid second before replying. 

“What?! You’re an intern, how could you not know?”

“You never told me!” I retort, but she simply stares at me with irritation. No, maybe disappointment is a better word. She sighs, and hops around the room, miraculously avoiding any of the items scattered around the floor, until she reaches her desk. 

“Man, you’re so useless. So all you’ve done is buy me food and make me coffee? What do you think you’ve been hired as, a babysitter?” Unsure of how to react to various elements of her comment, I just continue watching her in silence. She reaches into a pile of documents, and grabs a pink, semi transparent document holder.  She opens it and throws a bunch of pieces of paper out from it, until she stops after looking at one, and hands it to me. “There.” She puts her finger on a yellow post-it note on the sheet, which reads a long address written in surprisingly neat handwriting.

“Alright, so, just deliver my message to detective Ano, alright?” She begins to head towards the door, presumably to the mahjong tournament.

“Wait, you mean right now?”

“Yeah, when else?” She stares at me blankly once again, like I’m asking something stupid.

“You just said “we have to go” before, aren’t you going to come with me?”

“No, no, no, we have to go! You have to go to Shirakawa, and I have to go to the tournament!  Enough stupid questions, hurry up and get this case finished!” 

“Why can’t you just call the detective instea–” But before I could ask another stupid question, Nodaka runs out and slams the door shut on her way out, leaving behind me, a confused intern, in a large yet cramped and messy room to take in everything that had just happened.

Wait, so she hired me to participate in a mahjong tournament?!

Realizing this just now, I decide to take a short break.


After finally receiving my latte, I sit down on one of the smaller tables in the corner, and open the pink folder given to me. I was a little excited before this, thinking that I’d finally be able to start working on a case in this detective agency. After all, I really had been just a babysitter. But when I actually looked inside the folder, I realized that Nodaka Asumi was a consistent person. Inside the folder was a collection mostly of doodles, the most noticeable of which was a doodle of who looked like Yosana Miyuki, the current president of the Yuzuriha detective agency, bowing down to Nodaka, saying, “Please forgive me! You are the better detective and a sexier woman!”

Ignoring whether she gave this to me on purpose or not, I realize that I should probably begin to head to Shirakawa, since it’s all the way in Kyoto.

On the way to the station, I recall the conversation that I’d had an hour ago with Nodaka, and realize that even if I ignore not knowing what the case is about, I don’t know who the hell Detective Ano is.

I guess I’ll call him when I’m on the train.

I buy the bullet train ticket to Kyoto costing nearly 15,000 yen without much thought, since it was a business trip, and sit on my seat.

I flip through the pages in the folder again, hoping to find some kind of clue about the case itself, but also to make sure I could ask Nodaka everything I needed to before I called her.

In the first place, I don’t even know if Nodaka is going to pick up her phone… I also want to avoid not knowing anything at all when I deliver Nodaka’s message.




It was at this moment that I had realized something much, much more significant than me not knowing who Detective Ano was.


Nodaka didn’t tell me her message.

Normally this would be no problem, but that slight fear of Nodaka not responding to the phone call was creeping upon me. I call her phone number, and of course, she doesn’t pick up. I call her again. No answer. I call her for the third time since it should be the charm, but I come to realize that no charm works on the lazy sleazeball that is Nodaka Asumi, since she doesn’t pick up.

With a little panic, I call the company phone number of Yuzuriha detective agency. Natsuki, who is probably the only normal person I’ve met in the agency, picks up.

“Yuzuriha Detective Agency, how can I help you?”

“Natsuki, can you put me through to Nodaka? It’s pretty important.”

“Uh, I’m pretty sure she’s playing mahjong right now. I can go to her if you want.”

“That’d be really great, just hand over the phone to her. Thanks a lot.”

After a little while of waiting and pacing around my small seat, I was removed from being put on hold and was put through.

“Hey, are you there?” Unfortunately, the one who came back was Natsuki, not Nodaka. 

“Yeah, where’s Nodaka?”

“She said she’s busy.”

Are you kidding me??

“Tell her that she didn’t give me the message, so I have nothing to say to Ano.”

Although there was very clear confusion in her voice, Natsuki obliged, but didn’t put me on hold, so I could hear a little of her conversation with Nodaka. I could hear Natsuki speak to her in a normal, casual tone, and Nodaka’s very obviously irritated response, though I couldn’t make out what she actually said. Although there was a little hope in me that Natsuki would fight back and respond to her, to my dismay she came back to the phone.

“Hey, what’d Nodaka say?”

There was a short pause, before Natsuki responded. “She said that since she’s too busy, you should just go solve the case yourself.” After hearing what Natsuki said, I realized she paused probably because she felt as dumbfounded as I did. That said, I didn’t really want to put her through more scolding from Nodaka, so I decided to end the conversation.

“Yeah… okay…. Uh, thanks, Natsuki.”

“No need to thank me. Good luck, Risa.” -beep-

I take a deep breath, and decide to go over the options I had.

The first one that comes to mind is going back to the agency, kicking that dirtbag in the face and making her come to Shirakawa with me, but there’s just one problem. I’m already on the bullet train, and purchased a ticket. If I go back now, I’m going to have to explain why I spent 15 thousand yen on a ticket which basically had no meaning, and I can easily imagine Nodaka not accepting this as a valid reason, and thus making me pay for the ticket out of spite. 

I’m really short on money right now, hell, that’s the whole reason I’ve begun this internship in the first place. So that’s not an option.

The only other option that I can think of right now is to do what Nodaka told me to do, and actually solve the case. But is that even possible for me? God damn…

I flip through the pages in the file holder once again, trying to think of something to do. Although it is mostly filled with poorly drawn doodles, there are occasional notes that I can’t figure out the meaning of since there’s no context. Sometimes it’s just a phrase, sometimes it’s just a collection of numbers. I consider trying to decode some of these, but considering the possibility that these are direct quotes from a soap drama Nodaka was watching, I decide not to. But then, my eyes latch onto a set of numbers that resemble a phone number. Although it was shot in the dark, I really have nothing to go on right now, so I dial it on my phone.

Miraculously, the call goes through. And even more miraculously, someone picks it up, which, after my attempts with Nodaka, feels like an act from God.


A somewhat husky, deep voice comes through the phone. I freeze for a bit, realizing that I dialed the phone expecting no answer, and thus I didn’t plan anything to say in the first place. 

“Uh- ah- um…..  Are you… an acquaintance of Nodaka Asumi?” I manage to say something, but it doesn’t really make sense.

“Who is this?”

“Uh…. I’m currently interning in Nodaka Ayumi’s–”

“Ohh, Risa-chan, the new female assistant! How the hell d’you get my number?” I get interrupted, but what stuns me more is that this person knows not only who I am but even my name.

“Well, I-”

“That doesn’t matter. I feel so bad for you! You really shouldn’t have taken this job offer. Though I guess you had no choice with your financial situation…. Man, even if it was my chance to get out of that shitty job, now that I’m talking to you, I feel really bad.”

Chance to get out of his job…? Wait, my financial situation?! How the hell–

“Sorry, who are you?” I abruptly ask him, somewhat demandingly.

In response, he laughs. “You’re the one who called me, and you’re asking who I am? Hah, that’s pretty good.” He’s right, but I’m starting to feel a little frustrated. “You sound quite troubled, what’s going on?” But suddenly, he begins to sound a little more reliable and kind. No, maybe he always had this tone, but it sounded threatening because he knew things about me. 

“It’s a bit of a convoluted situation…”

“Don’t worry about it, I have more time that I need, now that I’m unemployed.”

I quickly explain what’s happened to me today. For the most part, he listened in silence, but I could hear him trying to hold in laughter occasionally. 

“…and so that’s how I got your phone number.”

“Man, that really sucks. I really feel for, you I really do.” His previous laughing suggests otherwise, but whatever. “As I said, I’ve got a lot of time on my hands, so I don’t mind helping you. I can give you some info on the case, though I don’t remember all of it, and certainly don’t know who the culprit was.” Though I’d asked the same question before, his line just now piqued my interest again, leading me to ask, once more.

“Sorry, but how do you know all of this? Who exactly are you?”

“Oh, right. I didn’t introduce myself, sorry about that. I’m Kanou, Asumi’s previous assistant.”

Chapter a week: Prologue

Chapter a week is a story that’s updated once a week, but the writer continuing the story alternates every time. This serves as mainly a biweekly creative outlet for us where we try to improve our writing, but it also allows us to have fun with each other since we don’t have a story planned. Enjoy! 

Prologue: The Yuzuriha Investigation Agency

What stood in front of me, after biking for an hour from home, was a gigantic house-like building: the home of the Yuzuriha Investigation Agency. Sitting at the outskirts of Tokyo, the agency was a rather hidden and unknown group that would only take investigative work with high confidentiality from important personnel. Much like the nearby buildings, the agency had a very worn out exterior. Other than the sheer largeness of the building, it didn’t stand out very much from the location. After picking up a quick breakfast consisting of an egg sandwich and milk from the outcast convenience store used almost exclusively by myself, I headed to the building. Despite the building already being large enough to be the size of a mansion, the entrance of the building followed a long downhill stairway, lit up only by singular lightbulbs on the side. As I opened the door the fifth day at Yuzuriha investigation agency started off. 

Upon entering was a beautiful room. Unlike the worn down exterior, the interior was extremely vast with a modern minimalistic look. Upon entering was a large, square area. The plain white wallpapers and the plain white rugs matched perfectly with the select number of black circular furnitures. In the middle of the room was an uncomfortably high hanging chandelier with a circular wooden table sitting right below it. To be honest the layout of the room, other than the table, looked as though they were scattered randomly. 

But primarily, this room served as a gateway to the rest of the rooms. Each side of the “square” featured a door to the three different rooms — leading to 11 different rooms excluding the entrance. Although the concept seemed bizarre to me at first, due to the sheer vastness of the center room, both in width and height, each room probably had the capacity to be as large as individual two~three story houses. 

Passing by the large table in the middle, I walked slowly into room number 5, the room which sat at 10 o’clock. The room wasn’t actually mine. Being an intern, I did not have a room assigned to myself. Rather I was assigned to a room of my employer, who is a leader of specific cases. Thus, I haven’t actually been to other rooms, nor had many interactions with other leaders of the cases, presumably living in their respective rooms.

The room was lacking in interiors yet it was extremely messy. It was almost like a college student’s rented house. Yet the room was very spacious, featuring two other rooms on the side that were filled with different books. The living room had a large bulletin board with papers stuck on to it along with a large luxurious sofa facing away from the entrance.

Pondering what I should be doing at the moment, I stared at the large antique clock across the room, whereupon I saw that the time was a little past five in the morning.

At that moment slowly rose a beautiful-looking blonde hair from the sofa. 

“Hmmm…’re here” said Nodaka Asumi, my employer, while rubbing her eyes, waking herself up from sleep. 

Nodaka Asumi presumably was the lazy type. After arriving at the agency, I have yet to see her move from her couch other than using the washroom or getting food (which she made me do most of the time.) Seven days ago, I got a mail from the agency, requesting my service for a job. I was to support Nodaka Asumi while she works on an investigation for a case. Being jobless out of university, I was fairly excited to work on an investigation for some mysterious case. The pay was fairly good too. So I accepted the job without much hesitation. Yet up until this day I have yet to hear any information about the case itself. When I spoke to her, she usually ignored me as she blankly stared at the bulletin board for a couple of hours. This may explain why I was the only one working for her when I arrived.

“Hey since you are here, can you get me some juice… All this moving around made me kind of tired” she said as she stared at me standing in front of the entrance. 

“Haven’t you been sleeping this whole time? You haven’t been moving”

“Sure, I wasn’t moving but I was thinking! Sleep is when you are thinking at your most primal state. And rest is also a part of work! You can’t solve a case without rest”

“Huh… well okay. The usual is fine right?” I said as I gave up on trying to argue. Well, I haven’t been doing anything other than delivering food for the last four days so at this point I was actually kind of getting used to this.

“Oh yeah, I remember why I called you here now! We have to go!” she exclaimed as I was walking towards the refrigerator. 

“Huh? You want snacks too?”

“No! We have to leave right now!”

“What?” I asked cluelessly as I was surprised to see her with shoes on for the first time.

“The case! It was five days ago when you joined!

Should you Play: Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara Wild Hearts is a game that came out quite a while back, but in case you were still wondering where to buy it or not, here’s my opinion:

So I sat down to play… Sayonara Wild Hearts (2019) - George ...

In short, yes.

Sayonara Wild Hearts is extremely entertaining, with graphics that look really good, and uses the blockiness of it to its advantage by making it a part of its aesthetic.

Sayonara Wild Hearts - Original Soundtrack 상품을 Steam에서 구매 ...

But although the visuals are great in the game, I think the key appeals of it are the music and the gameplay. Wild Hearts itself is an extremely short game, even for its 13 dollar price, and it’ll take you 1-2 hours to clear the entire game.

Review: Sayonara Wild Hearts - A Marvellous, Music-Driven ...

It’ll take longer than that, maybe another hour or two(or even more) to get Gold Ranks on all of the stages, but in 2 hours you’ll have seen everything the game has to offer.

The gameplay consists of dodging and shooting, while collecting points through hearts. Yet its constantly changing, sometimes being a 3D racer, while other times its a shooting game or resembles a 2D platformer(this review is intentionally showing similar photos that are mostly from the beginning of the game, to avoid spoilers).

sayonara wild hearts review (7).jpeg | GameCrate

But the key point to the gameplay is that it’s extremely easy. The levels themselves don’t require much skill, and there are countless amounts of ‘silent checkpoints’ in the game, allowing for quick respawns close to where you died, which keeps your excitement high while you’re playing.

Many people have referred to this game as a rhythm game, but I don’t think you should go into this game with that expectation. The music is definitely great, and there’s no doubt that this game would be much worse without it. That said, the gameplay itself is very loosely connected with the music, and rarely relies on your sense of rhythm.

I think the best way to understand how cool this game actually is, is to watch the trailer for it. When I first watched it, I thought that there was no way the game is actually going to look like this, but literally all of the gameplay looks like whats shown in the trailers. It transitions so smoothly between the short cutscenes and the gameplay, and it’s really unique in how you’re put in all sorts of new situations, introducing new gameplay mechanics that are really cool to play with, but simple enough to not warrant a tutorial.

Sayonara Wild Hearts Wallpaper 68826 1920x1080px

I only have two major complaints with this game, both of which are related to the ‘coins’ that are in every level, which affect the ‘rank’ that you achieve after each level. The first complaint I have is how disconnected the gameplay is to the visuals. There’s these guiding ‘coins’ in this game, and so when you’re being chased by an enemy, instead of looking at it to see where it would go and where you can dodge, you can simply look at the coins to look at where you’d go. This makes the visuals feel much less important and dragged my attention away from it, which is a true shame considering how cool and well done they are.

Sayonara Wild Hearts Review - Full of Heart (PS4)

The other complaint that I have is how the coins actually appear. During the parts in the game where there is no enemy, and all you’re really doing is chasing the coins to get a better rank(and lack of anything else to do), often times there is no visual cue or consistent pattern to how the coins appear. Instead, it’s much easier(and I think the only way to actually get all the coins) to kill yourself after seeing where to coins appear, so that you go back to the previous checkpoint to be able to collect the coins.

Sayonara Wild Hearts Review | Flashy stylish arcade bliss

But enough of my complaining, if you’re even considering this game, then I would strongly, strongly recommend it, especially since it’s only 13 bucks. The problems I mentioned were some things I found a little annoying during my first playthrough, and I’m sure some people won’t even notice or be bothered by it at all.